Best summer reading


Jake Holstege

58: the number of books that six West Ottawans read in three months of summer. Six devoted readers narrowed down the books they read and tagged their favorites.

   Jr. Israel Solano read the book Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.  Solano thought this was the best book he read this summer because “It was real, upfront and honest.”  According to Solano, the best part of the story is when one of the characters, Blue, a great video gamer, becomes elated after getting a girlfriend.  Solano would rate this book four out of five stars and would unquestionably recommend this book to other West Ottawa students.

  Librarian Randi Melnyk read the book Sting, one of the 20 books she decided to read.  The book was a mystery, her favorite genre. Melnyk’s favorite trait about the book was that she never knew what was going to happen next. Her favorite part of the novel was when “They fell in love.” Melnyk believes that an upper level reader in high school and above would enjoy the novel.  She would give this book a four and a half out of five stars.

  WO Soph. Lily Harmon read around six books this summer. Of those books, she felt that Orange is the New Black was the best because of the unique perspective of prison life, and because the author successfully immersed the reader into the novel.  According to Harmon, the best part of the novel was when Chapman first met Alex.  Harmon’s favorite genre is cult. Harmon would rate this book a four and a half out of five stars.

  Instructor Cherylyn Weyhmiller read around 15 books this summer, but decided her favorite was American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Weyhmiller liked how quickly the story moved and, “thought it was a really good story.”  Weyhmiller loved when they referenced mythology and pop culture.  Weyhmiller’s favorite part was all of the mythological references the book covered some of her favorite genres, such as science fiction and fantasy. Weyhmiller would recommend this book to everyone. Weyhmiller would also give this book four out of five stars.

  WO Soph. Jared Andrews read five books; his favorite book was Prodigy by Marie Lu.  His favorite genres are fantasy and fiction. “My favorite trait was point of view” Andrews said.  The book was written in first person told by not only one main character but two, Day and June. His favorite part from the novel was when, “Day and June found the first railcar with a human.”  Andrews loved how suspenseful and fluent the story was and would rate this novel five stars out of five, and would recommend this novel to everyone who is able to read.

  Finally, WO Instructor Chris Norton read seven books this summer but could only narrow it down to two, “as for ideas, Mindset by Carol Dweck, but I did not care for the style. As for style, I liked How We Learn by Benedict Carey.”  The reason Norton enjoyed the books was because they made him “think and rethink.” Out of five stars Norton would give both four stars.  He suggests students read How We Learn by Benedict Carey.

  Reading a great book can help relieve stress and help you dream of new things to accomplish later in life.  So, when looking for a great book that will help you relieve stress and dream these avid WO readers have proven that there are tremendous books of any genre that will please your reading taste buds. Ask your peers and teachers for suggestions, and don’t stop reading.