Ghosts are real: Point/Counterpoint


Chris Guerrero and Mac Strobel

Chris’ Point:
On its own, the radio turns on and tunes to 93.3 FM with no one around. For some like Mac, it is just a coincidence. But, for believers in the supernatural, this is one of the biggest communication methods ghosts are believed to use.
Below, Mac explains how there is no factual evidence besides old photos and scary horror films. For the most part, this is true. There is no way to find evidence and prove whether spirits are or are not real. Even though I have never seen or touched a full-bodied apparition, I have been in the presence of one. Here is my experience that won me over and got me to believe in ghosts:
When I was four, my Grandpa Jesύs passed away and everyone in our house was filled with sadness. I remember not understanding this because as a small child, I did not understand the concept of death and why everyone was so sad about his passing. A couple of weeks after my grandpa’s death, a lot of weird things started to happen.
At first, the remote moved from the drawer we had it in. Then, the radio transitioned to the station my grandpa listened to all the time, 93.3 FM. It was simply impossible because it happened at night when no one was awake, there was no power surge, and no one was up to get up and tune the radio to that specific station. There is no explanation except ghosts. Yes, it might sound cheesy, but it cannot be explained any other way.
While sleeping at night, my mom would play music from her cassette tapes to help her relax and unwind. That night she was exhausted and forgot to turn it on. Upon waking up that night, she heard the cassette playing and it was playing “Danza de los Espíritus Benditos” translated into “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”. “I remember waking up [hearing the song play] and was like wow, that is my dad,” Susana Guerrero said. She had remembered the grief she had for him, and spent the rest of the day with him in mind. Below Mac says that ghosts are just our minds playing tricks on us when we are scared but my mom was not scared at all. After these eye-opening experiences, these sort of incidents would frequently come back and continue to “haunt us”..”
Another night around the same time period, I had a dream about an older man in his 60s who I had never met but looked like a familiar face. In the dream, he had asked if he could take me to his house and he had loaded me into his van. After waking up, I ran to tell my mom the dream I had. She told my dad since she thought that I was actually taken by a man in real life. To this, my dad laughed and asked me what the van looked like. I described to him what the vehicle had looked like and he said it sounded familiar.
Soon after while looking through some photos, my mom showed me a picture where my Grandpa Pablo was in front of a van posing. [Just to clarify, this is not the grandpa that had passed when I was four.] I instantly remembered the dreams I had and told her this is what the guy in my dream looked like and that was the van he took me in. It was completely crazy because I had never seen this picture. In the end, I had realized it was, in fact, my grandpa. To this day, I’m 100% certain that this was my grandpa visiting me and getting to know who I was since he had passed before my birth.
These incidents reinforced my belief in the supernatural. I know what I experienced and I know it was real.
Look Mac, I know you do not believe in ghosts based on the lack of “solid evidence” or that it is an idea many producers use to make millions off of. But the experience my parents and I went through helped me realize that ghosts do exist. I am one of the millions of people out there that believe so too. To say that ghosts do not exist means you are denying my experience. There is no other explanation than to say ghosts are real.

Mac’s counterpoint:
One time when I was four I also had an experience with ghosts. I was lying in bed when in the corner of the room I saw a white apparition. It turned out to be a T-shirt hung up, but close enough, right?
Over 55.3 million people die every year which should mean there are a lot of ghosts left behind. But where do all of these ghosts go? With so many people who have passed away over time it seems that by now our smartest scientists would have found an obvious or visible ghost. Even if scientists were not able to find hard evidence that they are real, it seems that by now there would at least be an accepted theory that says they exist.
In the 200,000 years that humans have walked this earth there is still not a piece of solid evidence showing ghosts exist. The only evidence that we can see are blurry pictures, cheesy ghost hunter TV shows, bad stories, and awful movies.
Our best scientific minds have been able to discover an extinct species of dwarf human, free flowing water on Mars, and 211 new species in a year, yet they still can’t find a single ghost. We found water 225 million km away on Mars but we have not yet gained evidence of a ghost from the haunted house down the street.
It seems our best scientists have given up on searching for ghosts because they have already concluded that they are not real. The only “scientists” still conducting research on the topic of ghosts seem to be the ones on television. These “scientists” are only in it for the money, trying to sell advertising and keep people watching. Obviously finding that these spiritual noises were actually the neighbors’ radio or the reflection of the moon on a mirror wouldn’t keep people watching and make money. Noted paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford wrote, “…it quickly becomes clear to anyone with a background in science that the methods used [on Ghost Hunters] are both illogical and unscientific.” Ghost hunters are selling false evidence of ghosts.
The stories we heard as children around a campfire about ghosts and ghouls were only stories told for fun. How did these silly stories transform into a belief that dead people are now stirring on this earth in the form of white apparitions hanging on to the bad memories of their past?
Ghosts are merely the dark of night playing tricks on the mind of someone scared or willing to jump to conclusions.