Underrated places in Holland

Sophie Siv

When taking a walk, we tend to disregard details and we forget to stop and smell the roses. We are used to the usual and are hesitant to try new things. Holland is abundant with unique restaurants and shops. Being raised here and calling this place my home is truly a blessing. There are places that are overlooked and deserve more recognition. This is when we must stop and smell the roses and try new things and see new places that this great city has to offer.

  Joe 2 Go is a small cafe on bustling Lakewood Blvd. It is a little difficult to get in and out of the location, but the hassle is worth it because the place is so great. Stools and bright colors welcome customers upon entrance . There are also tables and cute cafe decorationsdownload. The place is filled with paintings on the walls. On the menu, there are choices of cafe sandwiches, coffee drinks, and a variety of smoothies. I usually order a sandwich with avocado, and it is fantastic. A separate room branches off to the left from the entrance. It is a brightly lit room with more tables and booths. The atmosphere is blissful. Joe 2 Go is definitely the perfect hangout place for you and your friends.

166 E Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI 49424

paint a pot logo large  Paint A Pot is located on 8th Street on the way to downtown Holland from US-31. The place is a bit hidden behind Russ’, the restaurant. It is the perfect place for creative minds that lack the pottery skill. An assortment of pots are pre-made and are ready for painting. You get to choose your pot and paint colors. There is a room for painting and aprons to be worn for the full artist experience. Also, in this room, painters are allowed to control the music. This may help fuel the creative juices in the minds of the painters. Afterwards, you turn in your creations for them to be put in the kiln. They can be picked up and paid for the following week. Getting your pot back is really exciting. It gives you the pot creator’s experience without the hassle. It is a fun location for all ages and birthday parties can be held here as well. It is a great place for dates and to make gifts for moms for Mother’s Day. Paint A Pot is a great place for all occasions.   

385 E 8th St, Holland, MI 49423

Tienda Azteca is a restaurant right by Crazy Horse. It is one of the best places in Holland for authentic Mexican food. When you eat there, the atmosphere feels like home. Not only is the food rich with flavor, but the service is spectacular as well. They are very welcoming. I have gone multiple times with friends. We usually like to go on Tuesdays because we like to call Tuesdays, Taco Tuesdays. I am always shocked when the place is not  jam packed.

2027 N Park Dr, Holland, MI 49424cbk

  Dunton Park is located near the very popular restaurant, Sluggo’s. This cute little park is very underrated compared to Winstrom Park. There is a grassy area for children to play and for dogs to roam. There are two different playgrounds.Then, there is a wooded path that leads to a dock overlooking the water. Multiple trails lead into the forest that are perfect for walks. This particular park is perfect for little adventures. It is a fantastic place to watch the fireworks that go on at Kollen Park.  

290 Howard Ave, Holland, MI 49424IMG_7273

  Seedlings is a shop that you pass when leaving Downtown Holland on River Ave. This little store is unlike any other. Everything here is vintage, and some things are handmade. There are a bunch of knick-knacks for crafting. For example, they sell gems and stones that can be used to make jewelry. There are also dainty decorations. Scrapbooks that have old pages are also available. Old things are collected and sold to be remodeled. It allows people to make things from scratch on their own. This place is great for people that enjoy renovating old things and altering the look of them.

128 S River Ave, Holland, MI 49423

  Next time you plan a trip to your typical hangout spot, try to change your route and check out an underrated location. Visit a new place today. Don’t walk past the roses without smelling them because they may just surprise you. Who knows, with summer right around the corner maybe some of these places will end up being your new hangout spots.