Birds of a feather: Trump and Nigel

Birds of a feather: Trump and Nigel

Cole Hook

While watching Republican Party debates this year, one single thought would not get out of my mind: Donald Trump looks and acts just like Nigel from the film Rio. Nigel, the antagonist, is a white cockatoo who not only looks like the Republican front-runner, but acts in the same manner as Trump. When I dug a little deeper, I found the following similarities between Nigel and Donald Trump:



  In the face of the media, Donald Trump has been attacked at every angle possible. One of these jabs is at the man’s hideous hair. This was the first similarity I found between Trump and Nigel. When windblown, Trump’s failed combover resembles the head feathers of a White Cockatoo. Nigel and Trump also show some resemblance in their eyes. Both have beady, squinty eyes that seem to peer directly into one’s soul.


Actions toward women:

  In Rio, Nigel catches the female protagonist by the throat and says, “Going somewhere, pretty bird?” Throughout the movie, Nigel never calls her by her real name. The resulting name is always pretty bird. Donald Trump has a fancy for doing the same thing. He often objectifies women, even saying to one news woman, “That must be a pretty picture – you on your knees.”


Tendency to point fingers and insult others:

  Trump has done many attention grabbing things at his political rallies, one of which is insulting members of the audience. At one rally, Trump commented on one protester’s weight saying,”You know it’s amazing, I mentioned food stamps at that guy who’s seriously overweight went crazy — Amazing. Amazing.” Trump also loves to deflect blame off of himself and blame another person. After two tremendous riots before Trump speeches in two cities which resulted in 34 total arrests and multiple injuries sustained by police, Trump took no responsibility for the violent tendencies of his people. “They want me to tell my people: ‘Be nice.’ My people are nice,” Trump said, though he had personally pledged to pay the legal fees for any of his supporters who “knock the crap” out of protestors. Nigel also does the same thing in Rio, calling other birds “putrid poultry” and threatening to have them rotisseried. Believe it or not, Nigel points the blame on others as well. In his song, pretty bird, Nigel admits that he “poops on people and blames it on seagulls.”

trump angrynigel points

Racist Beliefs:

  One of Trump’s most bold political statements is his plan to deport every illegal immigrant in the United States, a number believed to be around 11 million. Not only that, but he plans to build a wall to keep them out. Nigel also has a hatred for one race. In his song, pretty bird, he explains that he used to be pretty, but now is ugly and evil. He sings, “All you Brazilian birds, all 80 million birds, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to make you ugly too.”

   With the presidential election coming up soon, Trump looking to be the sure-fire nomination as the Republican candidate. But before you mark that oval on voting day, consider: Would you vote for Nigel to lead your country?