The Romeo’s and Juliet’s of WO

Chris Guerrero

    The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: The over-told story of two idiotic, love-struck kids who fall in love and get married in under 24 hours. All freshmen have studied it, yet their story still occurs over and over in modern times but without the dramatic suicides. Everyone who has read Romeo and Juliet agrees; the whole plot is ridiculous and entirely unrealistic. It’s absolutely absurd that two hormone-crazed teens fell in love in a couple of hours and got married the next day. It’s like a Vegas couple.  

   Some West Ottawa students deal with relationships the same way as Romeo and Juliet did. In West Ottawa, many students have the same relationships Romeo and Juliet had, fast and lustful. It seems like teens are looking for a relationship status more than they are looking for actual connections. ”I feel as though people do not fall in love quickly. It’s just lust. It is sad to see relationships rush into things because those people are missing out on discovering things about their significant other that they may have been able to discover had they let their relationship progress at an appropriate rate,” Sr. Lauren Bell said. It seems like teens treat relationships as more of a game instead of dealing with it seriously. ¨[I knew] two people who hated each other at first but then they gradually started to fall for each other based on their looks and assets,” said Frosh. Anyssa Phonxana.   There are plenty of people that agree that teens are rushing into things and aren’t slowing down and enjoying their relationship. Although Romeo and Juliet is a classic novel, it wasn’t an ideal romantic relationship. There is no harm in slowing down and taking time in a relationship.

  Teens should be in relationships and experiment with what they are comfortable or uncomfortable with. But, this doesn’t mean they should just throw their heart around for the sake of a simple relationship status or just to rush in and experience a “high school sweetheart”.  Please don’t be Romeo and Juliet. Be the opposite of what they were: take your time, explore, and don’t get married without parental consent.  Teens have their entire life for that, enjoy it while you have it.