The most annoying things at WO

Laisa Salas

Soph. Caitlin Walsh hears the bell ring and walks outside to go to her next class at South. She walks on the sidewalk, like everyone usually does on their way to South, and a cute couple whizzing by bumps into her, blaming her for the hangup.

  It’s common knowledge that the sidewalk is for North to South, and the road is wide open for those coming from South to North. Walsh is annoyed, and she isn’t the only one. There are many annoying things that nearly every student will experience here at WO.  

Dut doesn’t it grind your gears when someone who is walking on the sidewalk to north and just gets in everybody’s way? Or, even worse, when walking up or down the stairs and someone going up uses the left stairway. Like is that really necessary ? Would you like someone to do this to you?!  A lot of the time, they don’t even say sorry, which upsets me even more. I had this exact same situation happen to me today. I was walking up the stairs to go to my class and someone suddenly came out of nowhere, bumping right into me while they were trying to go down the stairs on the wrong side. They didn’t even say anything! Not a sorry, not a “oh my bad,” just a stare. Seriously?! Saying sorry is the least you could do for getting in my way! I was so mad.

  As I was walking to my next class, there was a group of students that were blocking the hallway just standing there, talking. I try to get my way through and saying “Excuse me?” and yet they never really apologized or got out of my way. But, what is most annoying about this situation is that sometimes they either won’t get out of my way or they give me the dirtiest look ever like I was in their way. I know you heard me say something to you! Don’t give me dirty looks for your mistakes. This is the worst ever. How could people be so immature to not say sorry?! And nevertheless give me a dirty look.

  Many students like to have peace and quiet when they’re taking a test or when it’s SSR time. But the worst thing, and something that happens quite often, is when other people sniff or cough or smack their gum during that whole time that is supposed to be “peace and quiet.” Once while I was in class taking a test there was this kid sniffing THE ENTIRE TIME. I noticed that nearly the whole class was getting annoyed. I wanted to tell him something so bad but I didn’t want to be mean, but little things like that are the most annoying things that happen at school. Is it really that hard to get up and blow your nose? Or to get a drink of water to help with your cough? Or even to learn how to chew with your mouth closed, like every other civilized person? GROW UP! You have legs! Go do what you need to do to NOT annoy others.

  Then, there are the people who cut. Everyone likes to be on time for lunch; it’s a time to eat and socialize and sometimes get a few assignments in. One day while I was waiting in line for my lunch, a kid cut me in line. I told him to not cut because everyone will get food and he got salty and walked away. If people know that they shouldn’t do it.. WHY DO THEY DO IT? Although, some might feel the need to cut others in line. There is enough food for everyone, and there is definitely no need to cut people in line. EVERYONE has learned this since preschool to not cut people in line and yet they still do it! It’s just rude and unnecessary. Some of you people don’t even act like high schoolers, you act like you’re a five year old!

  A lot of these things annoy students at WO. Most students would probably agree with the fact that people really need to learn the difference between right and left when going through the hallways, going up or down stairs, and even walking between buildings. It’s ridiculous. We’re all older than ten here, shouldn’t we be able to chew with our mouth closed? And blow our noses without mommy? Also, cutting in the lunch line is just immature, people can wait five minutes to be with their friends, just like the rest of us. Hopefully, some of these people need to grow up and realize that what they’re doing is annoying literally everyone – and we all hope this will end.