Best bands of Wostock

Timothy Zack

Shortly after walking through the door of the north building, Sr. Jonathan Yen was already brimming with excitement and anticipation for the fantastic performances he would be witnessing. Yen spent all night dancing and having a great time with his friends while he listened to the diverse group of bands. Yen knew that there would be different bands playing the following day, so he made sure to go Saturday night, and see the rest of the bands. After seeing all the performances from both days, Yen knew that he had a favorite band. Some other students who attended had a definite favorite from their time there as well.


Mark Harrell

  Yen said that he liked the solo singer Mark Harrell. “I liked him because he was really relaxing, had a great voice that sounded like Coldplay, and the acoustic guitar was really calming,” Yen said. Anyone interested in when he will be performing next can check out Mark Harrell Music on Facebook.


Midwest Skies

  Of all the bands at Wostock this year, Sr. Coleman Hardy said his favorite was Midwest Skies. “They had good music and they were funny and cool,” Hardy said. James Johnson, Mitch Rehner, and Josh DC Jones are the members of this band, and they will be playing in Ohio on March 26 at Howard’s Club H.



  Sr. Joseph Oudemolen said that the band Vinylicious was his favorite band “ because Gainforth is a straight baller.” The other members of Vinylicious are Jordan Beel, Tarry Cutter, Andrew Kinsler,  and Brad Vredevoogd. Vinylicious will be playing at Black Sheep on March 26.


Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe

  Sr. Kiegan Cortes, and Jr. Declan Maher both said that Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe was their favorite band from Wostock this year. This band describes their music as inventive, genre-crossing music with a vintage feel.This is the first time that Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe has played at Wostock.