Anna’s House brings fresh vibe to Holland


Anna’s House’s Western Scramble dish.

Justin Anair

A clean white disk approaches. The disk held a crispy Belgian brown cloud, finely imprinted with a clean-cut waffle pattern. On top lie four pieces of crispy, golden-brown chicken, cooked to perfection. The chicken is a balanced combination of crunchy and soft, filling the mouth with succulent flavors. The two dishes seem out of place, until a river of sweet sausage gravy flows in, dousing the cloud and the chicken in mouthwatering flavor. Finally, two golden suns accompany the dish, bringing light and color to the darker dish. The first bite I took was the best combination of breakfast food I’ve had in awhile.


  I take my first few bites of the Chicken and Waffles special at Anna’s House, a new shop opening at Westshore Mall, just off of US-31, and my perspective on the best Holland breakfast place has changed. Unlike the Dutch flavors most local breakfast places offer, Anna’s House adds an array of flavors, from southwestern classics to hearty dishes sparking memories of a home-cooked, family breakfast.


  Many have cherished the most popular breakfast places in Holland such as Windmill restaurant, Deboer bakery, and Jackie’s place. Anna’s House, however, is a whole new player in Holland breakfast restaurants.


  Westshore Mall once bloomed in the heart of North Holland, attracting people from a wide radius to its restaurants and retail businesses. In the last decade, however, Westshore Mall has been on the decline. With what was once a cherished place that was home to JJ Finnegans, Red Lobster, and Chuck-E Cheese it is now a rebuilding ground for The Shops at Westshore. The new attraction to this area that Anna’s House brings in is sure to help The Shops at Westshore’s future.


  Anna’s House fills an empty lot close to Hobby Lobby. It is the third extension of an already successful chain of breakfast restaurants. At first glance, the restaurant holds a vibrant outlook, which is contrary to most Holland breakfast places. It is constructed of bright white concrete with a baby blue stripe to outline the top. Upon entry, I’m immediately welcomed into a warm but busy atmosphere. Light wood boards compose the floor, and the interior resembles what the exterior shows. Baby blue and light green wall patterns and lines contrast with pure white concrete walling. Additionally, light flowed in from many windows, filling every nook and cranny of the restaurant. On the right, a bar is pushed off to the side, creating separation between the tables and the bar. On the left, the breakfast and lunch tables are separated into three sections, each bordered with a cubed wall for additional privacy. Each cubby contains a flowering plant, picture, or figurine to add to the already dynamic restaurant.


  Anna’s House, compared to other Holland breakfast restaurants, is similar with regards to cost. Almost everything ranges from $8-12, with the exception of smaller meals which are less than $8. Starting at $9.5, Anna’s House presents the Western Scramble. A pile of seasoned eggs sits in a deep plate, mixed with fresh, chopped green peppers and onions. Thrown into the combination is all-natural, mouthwatering ham and sausage, coated with a thin layer of melted cheddar cheese. To top it off a thick sausage gravy is poured on, adding a tiny kick to the already flavor full dish. Finally, the dish comes with the choice of hashbrowns or red-skin potatoes, and four slices of any toast, bagel, or English muffin. Gluten-free bread is also available upon request.


  While Anna’s House offers some similarly styled cuisines, its wide variety of non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and lactose-free foods is truly what separates Anna’s House from the other Holland competitors. For just $11, Anna’s House offers the Sausage Chicken Tater-Tot Casserole: a beloved gluten-free option. A sweet casserole is made of Tater-Tots, garnished with cheddar cheese and cut up chicken sausage bits. A dollop of pure, white sour cream mixed with scallions is added to the side of the dish. Finally, the dish is served with two eggs, served anyway.


  Anna’s House is a fantastic restaurant the truly adds new flavor to Holland breakfast eatery. It offers a wide variety of foods, appealing to many different types of food diets. The scenery is colorful and bright, yet warm and welcome.


  Anna’s House is open Monday-Sunday, from 6:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. If you want more information about the menu and the meals offered, click the link below!IMG_2927

Anna’s House’s Chicken and Waffles.


Anna’s House’s specialty: Chicken-Sausage Tater-Tot Casserole