Admiring the perks of The Perk

Fernando Carranza

The Perk coffee shop’s line overflows with customers urging to buy an item each time it’s open by the operator. Before school and during lunch hours, anyone can expect to see a bustling crowd surrounding the barista. The sweet aroma fills main street at the South building. While some students are waiting to get their latte in the cold winter morning, as the operator opens the coffee shop. The Perk provides a pleasurable environment that West Ottawa students return to daily.

  WO’s Perk offers favorites for everyone. From caramel lattes to pomegranate juice, students can pick up a large variety of drinks. “My favorite beverage would be gatorade,” Frosh. Chris Pangelo said. “My favorite beverage would have to be a strawberry banana smoothie,” Frosh. Robbie White said. Many students have a variety of favorite flavors when it comes to buying a beverage. “Pumpkin spice latte is my favorite beverage during the mornings,” Frosh. Isaac Lopez said. Students have many favorite drinks at the Perk making them want to come back daily, making the Perk atmosphere busy every day.     

  Many students think that the experience in the Perk atmosphere is a great place to spend their time during lunch and mornings. “The Perk is a cool place where you could meet new people and hang out,” White said. For others like Pangelo, the Perk offers, “. . . more freedom in terms of having more options during lunch and in the mornings.” In the midst of hectic schedules, students can find a zen vibe at the Perk too. “The Perk is calm after everyone is settled. . . the Perk is an interesting place to be and you can meet new friends throughout the times you go in the South to hang out at the Perk,” Lopez said. The West Ottawa High School has its Perk atmosphere and coffee shop that makes more students to come day after day as more students become interested. This makes students hang out with their friends often at the Perk. The Perk atmosphere is busy while other students are attracted to the Perk during their “free time.”

  As students visit the Perk within their own schedules, the stand always seems busy. The Perk’s lines seem to surge especially after fourth hour as students buy items to go with their lunches. Even as 1st hour starts, there are always students wanting items. “Right before the bell rings in the morning, there is a pack of students trying to get first in the line before the bell rings,” Perk Manager Shawn Bronkema said. Students’ preferences vary, yet there doesn’t seem to be a bad time to grab a drink. “Lunch is the best time for me to go to the Perk and buy a smoothie,” White said. Other students like Pangelo might have an opposite schedule. “Afternoons at 3:00 would suit best for me,” Pangelo said. Obviously, the Perk receives a lot of attention and students appreciate its services.

  For those who go every day, their purchases certainly add up. If a student were to buy an item every day at the average cost of $1.88, by the end of the school year the total would add up to $338.40. This shocking figure shows how costly the habit can be for students. Nevertheless, few students actually indulge daily. The Perk is a great treat once a week or so.

  Students at WO clearly think that the Perk is an outstanding place to hang out during lunch hours and in the mornings. Students find the Perk a comfortable place to find a tasty drink and make friends.