No surprise here, Donald Trump is a grown up high school bully


Mitch Frauenheim

“Don’t be a zebra; don’t be a bystander,” former assistant principal Jordan Beel said in West Ottawa’s legendary anti-bully lesson.  Beel’s comedic Australian accent made this lesson one of the most memorable in WO history.  Although it was comedic, it was effective.  What many students choose to ignore, however, is that this lesson, among others, is applicable to one of the most powerful and terrible figures in today’s society.  That figure is none other than Donald Trump.


  In this year’s 4th hour anti-bully lesson, teachers focused on name calling and gossip, something that Trump has perfected.  Trump clearly has no problem with openly insulting others.  His most frequent and recent target is presidential candidate Marco Rubio.  Trump has begun referring to Rubio as “Little Marco” and making fun of the way Rubio sweats.  “It’s Rubio!” Trump exclaimed as he flung water out of a water bottle at one of his rallies.


  By insulting Rubio, Trump does exactly what teachers spoke out against.  Rubio is only the tip of the iceberg; other victims of Trump’s harsh remarks include Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, the general press, and even a reporter with a physical disability.  Trump repeatedly calls Obama the worst president in history and recently referred to Cruz as “lyin’ Ted.”  West Ottawa would classify all of these instances as bullying, but Trump gets away with insults time after time.


  Another large focus of the anti-bully lessons was cyber bullying.  The school-wide anti-bullying Powerpoint described cyberbullying as, “Repeatedly sending/posting offensive, rude, or insulting emails, messages, tweets, snapchats, pictures, etc.”  Trump is an active Twitter user and continuously flings around thoughtless insults.  He continues to refer to Mitt Romney as a “failed presidential candidate.”  He constantly bashes Rubio, calling him “Little Marco Rubio, “lightweight,” and “a joke.”  West Ottawa’s most recent anti-bully powerpoint defines cyberbullying as “Repeatedly sending/posting offensive, rude, or insulting emails, messages, tweets, snapchats, pictures, etc.”  Trump’s tweets perfectly fit this definition.


  As he fits many of the other characteristics, Trump most definitely fits the bill for the most memorable anti-bully lesson.  Trump is a zebra.  While it appears that Trump is typically the aggressor, he showed his zebra-like qualities in an interview with CNN.  When asked about Klu Klux Klan member David Duke, Trump’s response included, “I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.”  Trump clearly ignores one of the most controversial current issues.  The fact that Trump can have so much hate for Muslims and Mexicans, yet completely ignore white supremacists, is truly sickening.  As a zebra would, he stands on the sidelines while white supremacists attack some of his fellow Americans.  Terribly enough, Trump is a clear bystander.
  The potential next president of the United States is an overaggressive bully and many of the American people are completely oblivious.  Americans need to acknowledge Trump’s antagonistic nature before it becomes too late.  If people continue to ignore Trump’s confrontational behavior, America will face the worst punishment of all: being represented by Donald Trump.