Fuller House on Netflix

Fuller House on Netflix

Sophie Siv

On Friday February 26th, a new series is coming to Netflix. It’s not so new because it’s a show we all know of. A sequel to the hit 90s TV series, Full House, called Fuller House, is expected to give us insight into the future lives of all the characters we are familiar with and love. Anticipation arises as viewers are hopeful for the return of their favorite TV series.

   Die hard fans are super excited for Fuller House. They are bringing back all the original actors and actresses, which is definitely a huge plus. The Tanner family’s return will answer of lot of questions that old viewers had when the series ended nearly two decades ago. The young girls in the show are now adults living their own lives. It will be exciting for old viewers to see how the characters turned out. After Full House aired their last episode in 1995, it left viewers to predict how the characters’ lives carried out, but now they get answers.

  Usually sequels or spinoffs do not do well, so we look forward to the fans’ reactions on the release date. Film critics on Metacritic have already posted their reviews on the show. Unfortunately for Full House lovers, a majority of the reviews are bad. The critics seem disappointed and expected more. There are also reviews that say the show is alright, it is neither horrible or spectacular. Currently, there are very few reviews that give the show a good review.

  Students at WO are aware of the release and are excited for it. “I feel like the new show will bring a feeling of nostalgia. It has the potential to be good, but spinoffs are usually not as good as the original. Hopefully it is not as bad as the Disney spinoff of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World,” said Sr. Nino Vongphachanh. There are high expectations for the show and Vongphachanh is not the only WO student that is excited for the series. “I am really excited that they are using all the same characters. I hope it is as good as the original,” said Sr. Alexus Phimthasak. Both of these students did not see this remake of the show coming and it is such a delightful surprise to them.

  Throughout the entire weekend, many people will tune in and binge watch the entire season due to the fact that they want to see how the show is portrayed and whether the attention it is getting is justified. Although some television has become cheesy, hopefully the show is just as cheerful and humorous as the one before.