John Kasich: the cordial candidate


Current Ohio Governor and 2016 GOP Candidate John Kasich

Ethan Israels

An orange glare beamed off of the top of GOP candidate Donald Trump’s receding hairline. It was the commercial break prior to the start of the CBS Republican debate, and the candidates were loosely chatting each other up prior to showtime. An old man wearing a khaki vest announced the 30-second warning, and the candidates took their podiums. The two CBS moderators uttered several opening comments and shot the first question – the battle was on.

  The Republican candidates blasted away with blatant disregard for the others’ chance to speak. “Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake…George Bush made a mistake… but that one was a beauty,” Trump said. “I am sick and tired of him coming after my family,”  Bush said. The blaming and slander roared on through the night with only one candidate choosing not to partake: Ohio Governor John Kasich. Kasich said, “And these attacks some of them are personal, I think we’re fixing to lose the election to Hillary Clinton if we don’t stop this. I gotta tell ya this is just crazy, this is just nuts, ok, Jeez-oh-man.” John Kasich is the purest GOP candidate for 2016.

  Kasich is definitely the up and coming Republican. He came out of nowhere in the New Hampshire GOP primary, taking second place behind winner Donald Trump. Kasich also has a chance to do fairly well in the Midwest primaries, behind support from the region, as he is the current governor of Ohio. For those looking to disrupt the Trump craziness, Kasich might be the best chance.

   Kasich is managing to separate himself from the other Republican presidential candidates by staying out of the line of fire. As the other Republican candidates continue to bash away at each other, Kasich is managing to abstain from the slander sling. Kasich announces frequently how he is running a campaign to deal with real policy issues not demolish his opponents.

  Here is how Kasich stands on several of the big issues. On immigration, Kasich says that those that have been law abiding but are here illegally should remain here. On health care, the Republican supports the change that Obamacare has made in people’s quality of life. In regards to national security, Kasich supports the continuation of strong national security.

  Sr. Jacob Wilson got to hear Kasich first hand when he got to see Kasich speak on Mackinac Island. “Instead of bashing other candidates John Kasich talked of the accomplishments he made while in Congress and continues to make as governor of Ohio… politically you can look up to him for his persistence of keeping his message of America positive and bringing back integrity to politics.” Kasich was also just at Grand Valley State University for a town hall on a campaign trip to Michigan.

  While Trump continues to dominate poll after poll, voters looking for a more down to earth candidate can find one in John Kasich.