Miracle Berry challenge

Lily Kilpatrick

YouTubers all around the world are taking part in the Miracle Berry Challenge. The challenge involves  a small pill made out of a West African Synsepalum dulcificum: a plant known for its red berry. The plant changes foods that taste sour into foods that taste sweet. The pill works because of a protein in the plant that binds to the taste receptors on the tongue.

 For the pill to work, one must dissolve the pill on her tongue until completely gone. This can take some time to work and for best results one should try to completely cover the tongue in it. After the pill is dissolved, it is best to wait 15 to 20 minutes before beginning to eat.

 In this taste test, I waited 15 minutes before taste testing foods and Soph. Maggie Neuman only waited five minutes. This way we had a general sense of how long the pill takes before giving a full effect.


Pill Taste

Maggie: “It is definitely a taste I don’t like and I won’t be doing that again.”


Me: “The pill tastes so gross. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish it. It tastes like a rotten apple.”


Sour Gummy Worms

Maggie: “It tastes sour. Wait,  now it tastes sweet but I also still taste the sour.”


Me: “They taste really sweet. I’m honestly drooling all over myself.”


Warhead Sour Jelly Beans

Maggie: “It had a slight sour taste at first, but now they taste sweet.”


Me: “That tastes like a jelly bean to me. Oh my Glob! These are great too. The pink ones are a little sour, but are still great.”


Sour Patch Kids

Maggie: “Everything still tastes sour!”


Me: “These tastes a bit more sour, but there is a sweet aftertaste.”



Maggie: “This tastes kinda sweet. The pill does have a little bit of an effect on me.”


Me: ”I cringed because I was expecting the sour lemon taste, yet it was not there. It just tastes like sugar.”



Maggie: “It like a mix of sweet and sour. It doesn’t seem to have the full dramatic effect I thought it was going to have.”

Me: “It’s sweet, I’m expecting it to taste sour.”


We went above and beyond to try two more products in this taste test. There were two rumors floating around the internet. One that  oranges were so sickeningly sweet that it would cause one to throw up. The other was that dark chocolate would taste like milk chocolate, thus removing dark chocolate’s notable bitter taste.


Dark Chocolate

Maggie: It tastes bitter-sweet. It reminds me of the chocolate chips in cookies.


Me: I absolutely hate dark chocolate. It tastes like the semi-sweet chocolate chips.



Maggie: It’s not as sickeningly sweet as I expected; but it was a lot sweeter than normal.


Me: This is just disappointing. I hate the taste of orange. It’s not super sweet, but I think the taste of the dark chocolate dulled the effects of the pill.  


 Overall the challenge was a success. The amount of time that a person waits definitely dictates how well the pill works. Neuman’s pill took much longer to work than mine did since I had taken the pill before she did. The pill costs only $14.99 through Amazon for ten pills. It’s definitely worth the try.