Homecoming court


Jada Holmes

With five days filled of wacky fun followed by a game, and a dance, Homecoming week can be a pretty hectic time of the year. Especially for the ones on Homecoming court.

Who do you think is going to win Homecoming king and queen and why? 

“I don’t really know, but I do know that a lot of cool people are running so it might be difficult for people to choose” – Jr. Leah Heidema

“I think Julian Lugo is going to win just because he’s such an outgoing and caring person” – Soph. Naomi Garcia

“I think that Andrea and Jack will win because they’re both really dedicated to everything that they do; they both really deserve it, and they’re nice people.” Frosh. Grace Bruins

Are you nervous to walk in front of the whole school at the pep assembly?

“No. I was a little nervous at first, but I’ll be wearing my crocs so that I don’t fall.” – Jr. Leah Heidema

“A little bit, just because it is so many people watching me” – Frosh. Grace Bruins

“Kind of, I don’t want to fall in front of the whole school that’d be embarrassing”- Soph. Naomi Garcia

Did you do anything to promote your nomination? 

“Nooo, I don’t think anybody ever really does” – Leah Heidema

“No I didn’t actually, I was surprised to be on court” – Grace Bruins

“No not at all” – Noami Garcia