I cannot believe she did that!

Emily Wallace

Before the cashier could even finish saying, “The total comes to . . .” my mom whipped out her debit card and handed it to her. The girl grabbed my mom’s card, took a glance at it, and shoved it back in my mom’s general direction. She muttered, “We can’t accept this.” I looked over and my mom gave me a look that said, “What’s this girl’s problem?” Then, she looked down and realized she handed the cashier her Herrick District Library card. Once I saw, my hand immediately slammed into my forehead. Humiliation hit my mom as she rummaged in her purse once more to find her real debit card. Moments like this show that God gave us good moms for good laughs.

  Sr. Lauren Bell giggled when she found out what innocent mistake her mom made. On their weekly grocery shopping trip, Mrs. Nancy Bell sent Lauren off to find a specific good. While her daughter was on her way, Mrs. Bell continued shopping in the busy aisle. After grabbing some sugar off the opposite side of the lane, she merrily returned to her cart. Down the aisle she went, adding this and that to her filling cart. Once she reached the end of the aisle, Mrs. Bell looked down into her cart and was dismayed. Only a handful of the items in her cart were hers! Trying to be casual, she slowly retraced her steps to find her own cart waiting right where she left it. Because of this goofy mix up, Lauren and her mom can always laugh and remember the time when Mrs. Bell was a “Cart-Klepto”.

  Sr. Claire Peterson certainly howled with laughter after seeing how her mom tripped up. The Peterson family visited a water park during vacation. Claire, her brother, and her father were lounging in the crowded hot tub when Mrs. Peterson decided to join them. She nonchalantly strolled right to the stairs and proceeded to enter the bubbling tub. After descending the first step, Mrs. Peterson biffed it. It was almost as if she was doing the trust fall backwards and no one but the hot tub was there to catch her. Everyone in the tub went silent as gravity dunked her further into the water. She quickly regained her footing and jerked her head up. Her eyes wide with bewilderment, she looked at her family, then broke into a bellowing laugh. The family shrieked at the silliness of the situation and continued to enjoy the hot tub. The Petersons still talk about the “stumbling stairs incident” to this day.

  Sr. Andrea Nguyen and Sr. Becca Bruins cracked up when they saw the outcome of Mrs. Nguyen’s meddling. One afternoon, Andrea and Becca were making no-bake cookies. They cooled the cookies, packaged them up, and placed them in the fridge. Becca and Andrea left to do something else. Less than half an hour later, the girls heard shuffling in the kitchen. They went to investigate and saw the cookies out on the counter. The girls asked why they looked so weird, to which Mrs. Nguyen replied, “Oh! I just took these out of the oven so you guys can eat them.” The realization hit them that she accidently baked the no-bake cookies. Moms do the darndest things.

  All people have their moments, even mothers. Whether it’s stealing carts or creating oxymoron cookies, moms make mistakes that we laugh at easily.