Liquid Life

Lexy Gutierrez

No pizza, no fast food, no food – period. Only liquids to drink until my body fights off an infection. My body naturally got a bad neck infection so why can’t my body fight off this infection on its own? When I heard I needed to help my body with its infection and complete this challenge, I thought it would be so easy. I was so wrong.

Day One:

   Liquid diets are horrible. The only thing I’ve had all day today is a slurpee from Speedway and a few glasses of water. I’m really craving some pizza or onion rings. I’m realizing how much I take solid food for granted. I always thought about how I could go a week drinking only liquids and no solid food, until I put my money where my mouth is.


Day Two:

   Today was a little easier since I knew the horror of what was coming. I’m exhausted, and my body feels strange like I need to throw up all of the liquids in my body and then go get some Burger King and Netflix and chill by myself. Liquid life is horrible. I’m exhausted, and it makes me want to go to an all you can eat buffet and say, “Screw my infection!”


Day Three:

   Today, I was a rebel and decided to eat some McDonald’s. That was the worst decision I made. My swelling had been down, but when I ate McDonald’s my swelling went all the way right back up. I was struggling to breathe and swallow my own spit. I went to the ER and the doctors told me I still had a bad infection and prescribed another antibiotic, then sent me home. My throat was still so sore and the antibiotic was a horse pill. Life is really lousy because of all of these liquids.


Day Four:

   The antibiotic makes me tired and it’s a struggle for me to do my homework for my classes. I just want to sleep all of the time. I know my problem is only drinking liquids. I need some solid food in my life. I just want to eat something and watch TV; I’ve been craving so many fast foods. When I get rid of this infection and get to eat solid foods again, I’m going to eat everything I can see.


Day Five:

   Today, I went to  see the ears, nose and throat doctor. It  not being able to eat solids. Sometimes, I get insanely hungry and cannot eat. I don’t even eat with my family. It’s awkward to watch them eat right in front of me.  What’s worse is that the infection loves sugar, and I am a diabetic. I’m struggling with keeping my sugar up so that I don’t pass out while also making sure I don’t get too much sugar for it to become a bigger infection. I just hope this will be over soon, so I can go back to my normal schedule of eating.


   The challenge was not as easy as I thought it would be. I over estemated my hunger and needs during this infection. I was hungry half of the time, I struggled with sticking to liquids because I wanted something solid to eat. I had lost weight while dieting. This is a horrible diet all the way around.