What makes “Star Wars” special?

Emeline Root

In 1977, a science fiction universe was born into the public eyes: Star Wars. The original trilogy has captivated a vast audience for over 35 years, and on December 17th, the series will continue in The Force Awakens. With the fanbase that Star Wars has, it’s no surprise that Episode VII is shattering both ticket and merchandise sales.

For some students at West Ottawa, December 17th could possibly be the best day of the year. Super fan Sr. Drew Behrendt said, “I grew up with every Star Wars videogame and lego set so it is my favorite movie series ever. I have watched them all at least ten times and the sixth is my favorite because it was the end of the first trilogy, wrapping it all up.”

The hype about Episode VII is almost too real to super fans like Behrendt. “I have been counting down for almost 200 days now. I am wearing a very expensive Darth Vader costume to the premiere,” Behrendt said.

Although Soph. Julia Burkholder isn’t a super fan, she enjoys the series and appreciates the making of Episode VII and the effort made to promote it. “It seems you can’t really go anywhere without seeing Star Wars ads,” Burkholder said. “I think The Force Awakens has been marketed wonderfully with the Covergirl Cosmetics lines and a lot of the apparel you see around.”

Despite the success Episode VII has had so far, some fans don’t think it will be as satisfying as the original trilogy. Sr. Walker George said, “There’s been a lot of money put into The Force Awakens. I’m going with eyes wide open and I’m hoping they don’t screw it up. It makes me kind of sad that Star Wars has become so commercialized. The merchandise, etc., it’s kind of excessive.”

But no matter one’s existing opinion of Episode VII, the premiere will have a lasting effect on both old and new fans. There’s no doubt that The Force Awakens will inspire a new generation of Star Wars nerds.