Freshmen take on homecoming

Bri O'Dell

   From the middle school’s boring hat day to the high school’s outrageous salad dressing day, the freshmen have had to adjust to the craziness of homecoming week at the high school.

Frosh. Eric Paauwe, Frosh. Brock Vanfleeren and Frosh. Bryan Ries have their own take on the transition into high school homecoming week. When asked what has surprised them about homecoming, Paauwe said, “Lot’s of people participate.” Vanfleeren continued and said “Everyone Does it.” The Freshmen were shocked by the participation among the student body.

   Homecoming week is not as important in middle school. “Homecoming week wasn’t really homecoming week at the middle school,” said Paauwe. “Hat day and black and white day were the only days we dressed up,” said Vanfleeren. “It’s different in high school…if you don’t participate, you look weird,”Ries said.

  Homecoming week is one of the best weeks of the year. It’s time to get hype and show your school spirit. Let’s Go WO!