Freshmen predict the future?

Caitlin Walsh

October 21, 2015 is the famous Back to the Future date where Marty McFly travels to the future. The movie portrays 2015 as a profound time period of flying cars, self-lacing shoes, and hoverboards. Unfortunately, mankind has not advanced to this extent (yet). However, the movie was accurate in other ways, such as the flat screen television, 3-D holograms, and biometrics. Combining the logic of predicting the future and seeing how things really play out, freshmen volunteers predict what life will be like in 2019 when they are seniors. When the time comes, they will evaluate what life actually turns out to be.

1) Music- What kind of music do you think will be ‘hip’ in four years from now? Will Miley Cyrus still be relevant?
2) Technology- What kind of new or advanced technology do you think will be invented by your senior year? What generation of the iPhone do you think will come out?
3) Thoughts about the future- What are your current plans for after high school and how confident are you about them? Do you think they will change by your senior year?
4) Athletic teams- What West Ottawa team do you think will have the most success at some point in the next four years?
5) Social Media- What social media sites do you use now? What kind of social media sites do you think will be created by your senior year?
6) GPA- What is your GPA now? What do you think it will be when you graduate?
7) Senioritis- Do you think it’s real now? Do you think you will have it during senior year?
8) Internet trends- What slangs do you think will be popular? What do you think the new popular dance will be? (like the whip or the quan)
9) Movies- What are the hottest movies right now? What do you think they will be senior year? What number of Star Wars do you think there will be in four years?
10) Overall high school experience- What do you hope the next four years will look like for you? What goals do you have?

Alec Behrendt
1) Music- Dubstep and trap music will be considered ‘hip’ in four years, being the most modernized music. Miley Cyrus will be relevant in her run for president in four years.
2) Technology- By senior year, the iPhone 8s will be released and maybe Apple will release better charging cords.
3) Thoughts about the future- I plan on going to Harvard University, of which I expect a full ride scholarship. Just kidding, college is my plan though.
4) Athletic teams- The West Ottawa girl’s golf team will be most successful.
5) Social media- Currently, I have Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Twitter. A media site that will be created will probably have stories and places to talk about with friends in comments.
6) GPA- My GPA is currently a 4.0, and I hope to have a 3.8 or higher by graduation.
7) Senioritis- I completely think that it is real and I also do not understand what it is.
8) Internet trends- The most popular slang will be “hey”, and I predict the popular dance will be the Hokey-Pokey to turn back around by senior year.
9) Movies- The hottest movies now are The Martian, and Bridge of Spies. Star Wars seven is releasing soon, but the eighth movie won’t be until at least 2020.
10) Overall high school experience- Obviously, I would like to receive an education and be accepted into a good university. But I also want to enjoy my years here at West Ottawa high school.

Jurrien Wilson
1) Music- I know country music won’t be the next big thing, but I would only hope. I would think pop or rap or some sort will stay relevant and ‘hip’. As for Miley, she will probably be like a Britney Spears and disappear for a while and come back all cool and better than ever
2) Technology- Some sort of super computer that can do all equations will be invented by the time I am a senior. Since Apple always have to come out with a new cell iPhone almost every single year, they will probably have the 10th generation.
3) Thoughts about the future- Ever since I was little I’ve been wanting to help or heal or protect people. So after high school, I’ll probably be involved in the medical field. I don’t believe this will change because helping people become better is one of my priorities.
4) Athletic teams- XC (cross country) will have the most success at some point. They’ve already shown most improvement by sending people to state and almost being underrated throughout their season this year.
5) Social Media- Like most people, I use Instagram consistently along with Twitter. It’s so difficult to think of what will be created by my senior year. From the top of my head there will be a wide range of sites that will relate to dating to posting more pictures and labeling them.
6) GPA- My GPA currently is a 3.9. I hope I will maintain a higher GPA, since it will help once I graduate.
7) Senioritis- Senioritis? What? Sounds mythological. Anyways, yeah it’s probably real in most instances. But to answer the question, no, I don’t think this will affect me in anyway.
8) Internet trends- Because I am super cool and totally hip I use the word sick. I would only hope that the word would trend among people. Since I am nowhere near a good dancer, nor do I know any dances, I would think there would be a dance that would have a combination of the whip, quan, and whatever else people do nowadays.
9) Movies- The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner are undoubtedly some of the hottest movies that people enjoy, along with myself. Being that they are the cool thing now, I don’t know if they’ll be as popular then as they are now. Knowing that a new Star Wars is coming soon, the people who are making it will probably be making several more to satisfy hardcore Star Wars fans out there.
10) Overall high school experience- I loved the first day of high school. I would like to see these upcoming years killed with fun and great experiences. From the start to finish, I would like myself to try the hardest with the best effort ever. High school is everything. In my eyes you either make it, or break it by senior year.

Anthony Tubergen
1) Music- I feel as if the music will kind of be the same, but with a more robotic twist. Miley cyrus will probably overdose. So yes, she will be relevant.
2) Technology- I think we will have some sort of an “exo” suit that causes us to be able to have super speed and/or strength. Based on how the past iPhones have been coming out, I would say generation 8 or 9.
3) Thoughts about the future- My current plans are to play football, and/or go to law school, I feel pretty good about it. My plans could change because I do want to follow in my Grandpa’s footsteps and join the army.
4) Athletic teams- I feel like my junior year the football team will finally do the best out of everyone and if we are lucky, we will beat Rockford.
5) Social Media- I use Instagram now, but I feel there will be a device to allow other people to see through your eyes and in your point of view.
6) GPA- My current GPA is a 3.4. I plan on having a 4.0 so I have a good chance at getting into a college.
7) Senioritis- Yes it’s real, and I’m sure I’ll get it.
8) Internet trends- I’m sure there will be some new name for music or school or some everyday things. As long as Drake keeps doing what he’s doing it will be “The Drake.”
9) Movies- Zombie movies are currently the best. It will probably be a movie based on the past by my senior year. There will probably be about eight [Star Wars movies].
10) Overall high school experience- I hope to get through my next four years without any big problems like fights or failing classes. My goal is to not get called to the office on bad terms.

Katie Frauenheim
1) Music- I think hip hop will still be relevant in four years. I do not think Miley Cyrus will be.
2) Technology- I think we will have hologram phone calls, hover boards, and phones where you can send smells. I think the iPhone ten will come out.
3) Thoughts about the future- My plan for after high school is going to college for marine biology at Oregon. I am pretty confident about this plan.
4) Athletic teams- Girls cross country will have the most success in the next four years because we will hopefully win state.
5) Social Media- The social media sites I use are Instagram and Facebook. I think we will have a social media site where you can add smells to pictures and post them.
6) GPA- My current GPA is 4.0. When I graduate I think it will be a 3.9.
7) Senioritis- Yes I think senioritis is real. I do not think I will have it as a senior.
8) Internet trends- I think the popular slang will be tru (with 2 dots over the u) and cryin. The popular dance will be waltzing.
9) Movies- The hottest movies are The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Senior year they will be Finding Dory and Incredibles 2. I think there will be ten Star Wars movies in four years.
10) Overall high school experience- I hope the next four years will be fun and educating. I hope I will make lots of new friends. Goals I have are making varsity xc all four years and varsity tennis at least two years. Another goal I have is being a salutatorian.

Raven Shilander
1) Music- Classical music will be the most ‘hip’. Students will find it helpful. Miley Cyrus isn’t relevant now, so no.
2) Technology- I think self-tying shoes, transformers, and light sabers will be invented by then. The iPhone 19z will be out, with the throwback color of rose gold.
3) Thoughts about the future- My current plans are to obtain a PhD in Physics and psychology, with a masters in foreign language (triple major). I am confident I can accomplish this. I’m convinced they’ll change because Ive put so much thought into it.
4) Athletic teams- The varsity West Ottawa men’s water polo team.
5) Social Media- I don’t use any social media sites now. I think they’ll come up with a holographic Snapchat and Instagram.
6) GPA- My GPA now is a 4.0. My goal is a 5.0 when I graduate.
7) Senioritis- Yes, it is definitely real now. Luckily, I don’t think I will get it.
8) Internet trends- I think terms like “old man” and “young blood” will be popular to call people. The new popular dance will be the zook.
9) Movies- The hottest movies are cool movies like Star Wars and not-so-cool movies like Pitch Perfect 2. There will be at least two new Star Wars movies by my senior year.
10) Overall high school experience- I hope the next four years will be easy. MY goals are to maintain a 4.0/5.0, get my third level black belt, drive, and to get a full ride scholarship [for college].

Benjamin Hoey
1) Music- I have no idea what kind of music will be released in the next few years. The electronic genre seems to be gaining popularity. As for Miley, her days in the spotlight are fading.
2) Technology- I think that a hoverboard with no wheels may be invented. The iPhone 9, for sure.
3) Thoughts about the future- I would like to go to college, get married, start a family, and if possible, I will enlist in the military. I feel fairly confident. But, anything can happen.
4) Athletic teams- I am participating in WOUF and the golf team, so I hope to contribute to both of these teams.
5) Social Media- Currently, I use Snapchat, Vine, and iFunny. Most kinds of social media have been capitalized on, so it beats me.
6) GPA- My GPA is between 3.85 and 4.0. I hope to keep it in that range.
7) Senioritis- The disease known as Senioritis is apparent in some cases at our school. I hope not to contract this infectious disease.
8) Internet trends- Things change in the course of a few years, and I really can’t say or guess what will be popular.
9) Movies- Right now, a lot of superhero, remake, or sequel movies seem to be coming out. In the terms of Star Wars, maybe eight.
10) Overall high school experience- I look forward to progressing in current relationships, as well as creating new ones. My major goal is to excel in everything I participate in.

Mac Strobel
1) Music- The weird Korean music people are listening too will be popular or hip hop with continue to be popular. No one cares about Miley Cyrus right now.
2) Technology- The technology will be implanted in your head. And iPhones will be taken over by Microsoft.
3) Thoughts about the future- I will be attending Michigan and I will change to be smarter hopefully.
4) Athletic teams- Swimming will continue to excel and basketball will improve, football is questionable.
5) Social Media- Video blogs like a live streaming app.
6) GPA- 4.0 probably. A 3.8 or maybe a 4.0 hopefully by my senior year.
7) Senioritis- No I won’t have senioritis.
8) Internet trends- Slang will continue to be dominated by what celebrities say. And the dance moves will be from the musicians moves.
9) Movies- Superhero and zombie movies, and in my senior year I think superheroes will continues but zombies will die out if Glenn in The Walking Dead dies.
10) Overall high school experience- I hope I can keep a 4.0 in the next four years and continue to play sports.

Victoria-Li Sisomsouk
1) Music- Pop or alternative will be popular, and Miley Cyrus won’t be relevant anymore.
2) Technology- I think they will create a phone that has 3D feature. And by senior year, the iPhone 10 or 9s will come out.
3) Thoughts about the future- My current plan after high school is to go to a college of my choice. Im pretty sure I will, I don’t think it will change by senior year.
4) Athletic teams- The girls swimming team.
5) Social Media- I use Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat. I think that another social media that will be created will be where you can post longer videos, audio and pictures that can be liked or can be passed on to others like ‘re-tweeting’ etc.
6) GPA- My current GPA is 3.8 or higher. By the time I graduate, I believe it will be a 3.9 or a 4.0.
7) Senioritis- I do think senioritis is real, but I don’t think I will have it by senior year.
8) Internet trends- Popular slangs will be home-sizzle, pepe, meme, etc. The dance “rickrolling”, which was created by Mariah will be popular.
9) Movies- The hottest movies now are movies based on dystopian books like The Hunger Games. By senior year I think the most popular movies will be nostalgic remakes of old movies. There will be over ten Star Wars movies,
10) Overall high school experience- I hope in the next four years I’ll be able to make more friends, join better/more clubs and even a sport. My goal is to be able to graduate high school with future plans and to actually be happy with myself.

A big thanks to the freshman who volunteered to be apart of this article. Now, the next step is to wait four years.