No Shave November

Nate Snyder


It’s November and that means No Shave November is in full effect. There are many different reasons why some students would participate in No Shave November, and interesting outcomes as high school students attempt to grow out their facial hair.

   Not shaving for a month is a brave task for a teenager, but here are three students that will be sticking it out for this November.  Here are pictures of Sr. Drew Behrendt, Sr. Ryan Ramirez, and Sr. Otto Dittrich before the month began.

Check back on December 1  to see what these guys look like after a month of avoiding the razor.


Sr. Ryan Ramirez

“I’m doing no shave November because it’s my senior year, and I want to.”

 “I think my facial hair will look gross, but there is no way I’m quitting before the end of November though.”

Sr. Drew Behrendt

“I’m participating in No Shave November for male diseases like prostate cancer and depression. I also want to see how it grows out.”

“I think it is going to look patchy and probably disgusting.”



Sr. Otto Dittrich

“I will participating in no shave November because shaving is a nuisance. “

“I think I’ll be the second James Harden. Possibly as hairy as Chewbacca.”