Elementary school: What do you miss?

Elementary school: What do you miss?

Bri O'Dell

Elementary school: the easy, free-spirited, happy times in many students lives. Some students miss the thirty minutes of recess, some miss the fun crafts, others miss the close friendships. Regardless, elementary school brings back memories that will never be forgotten.

  The happiest years of my life took place within the walls of Lakewood Elementary, and I miss it. From book fairs and doughnut days to holiday parties and field days, the five years of elementary school were amazing. Much is missed from elementary school.

 Many WOHS students miss elementary school as well. Jr. Jared Wiseman misses the lack of stress, ”biggest stress in elementary school was worrying about lunch.” Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about money, grades, exams and just worry about lunch? Whether a freshman in high school or a senior in college, stress will always be around the corner.

  Research shows a great way to increase brain function is to go outside and take a break from the classroom. Elementary school seemed easy, right? Well, it probably seemed easy due to the two recess periods a day. “I miss recess. Playing outside was the best part of the day,” Frosh. Chris Freeman said. With certain exceptions, recess was almost always outside. Some spent time sliding into the fall leaves,  while others enjoyed jumping in the spring time rain puddles. But for Jr. Alex Dee, that best part of recess was climbing on the icy snow mountains. “Recess was the best part of my day. I miss playing on snow mountains,” Dee said. Unfortunately, the only recess WO high schoolers get is the nine-minute walk between buildings.

 Responsibility is a trait some have naturally, and others need to work on. During elementary school, responsibility is not necessary. Some of the most responsibility elementary schoolers have is to put their winter boots in cubbies and throw away their afternoon snack. Unlike high schoolers who are responsible for future plans and employment, yet are still expected to show up to school. “I miss no responsibility,” Sr. Danny Torres said. The idea of coming home from school, reaching into the cupboard for something to eat and turning the television on sounds delightful. “I miss being able to go home and relax. I come home from a stressful day at school and then go home and take care of more responsibilities. You don’t get a break,” Sr. Payton Burger said.

 Not only is elementary school greatly missed, but the lack of stress, the 30 minute recess and the enjoyment of free time is dearly missed as well. A majority of high school students think about their elementary school years and laugh at the memories made from goofy third grade teachers and the cooties game at recess. Soon, the same high schoolers who experienced all years of schooling  will be looking back their high school years as they watch their sons and daughters walk through the stressful path of high school.