40,000 words, 30 days

Ben Horner

The Goal: 40,000 written words. 720 hours. The act does not seem feasible, but that is exactly what Jr. Becky Pendergraaf is trying to do. That is almost a word a minute she has to do for the whole month of November. November is known for Thanksgiving, football, and the start of winter, but unbeknownst to most, November is also the National Novel Writing Month. Instructor Kristen Bentley took the opportunity this month to challenge students in her class. She challenged them to write a whole novel of at least 20,000 thousands words, due November 30th. Pendergraaf chose to rise to the occasion and set a class high goal that was twice as many words as needed. “I’ve enjoyed the challenge, its helped me prove to myself what I can do.” she said. This being her first experience in writing, she is surprised with how well it’s going. “Once I get into my writing zone, I just type, not really thinking too much about what I’m saying. When I start to think too much it goes downhill.” Although it’s a weighty task, Pendergraaf is on track to to meet her word count. She is over 50 percent done at the halfway point in the month. We wish her luck and can’t wait to see the finished result.