Consequences of the disobedient

Alexis Holton

Rules are created because at one point, someone screwed it all up. I work at Goodwill on the north side by Walmart. At my job, we used to be allowed to have our phones on ourselves in case of an emergency, or even just to check the time. One day, two employees were working donations (the guys who take the donations and go through them to see what we can put out). There was no one at the doors, nothing to do but sit and wait for the next donation. The people working donations got really bored. So, they decided to get on their phones and play games and show each other pictures. The manager of the night came back and saw these employees on their phones and confiscated them until their shifts were over. There was not a specific rule to not play on their phones, but they do not get paid to play. Now, because these employees were on their phones inappropriately, no one is allowed to have it with them during the job any more. This is a problem. What if there is a real emergency? What if someone’s life is endangered and can’t call for help because your phone is in your locker? Having our phones on us might not be the best idea, but it could also be a good thing because no matter what going on, you’ll be at peace. There should be some circumstances where we should be allowed to keep them on us. I should not have to put my phone away because someone ruined it for me.

   At school, there are plenty of different places the students enjoy their lunch: in the cafeteria, outside, on the stairs, on the tall tables by the library, on the couches, pretty much anywhere they want until last week. Last Monday, I went to the cafeteria at North and got my food like I do every morning. I grabbed my plate and headed to class like always. I was stopped by one of the security guards and was told to go back into the cafeteria because we are not allowed to bring our food to class anymore. He explained to me that some people abused the opportunity to eat where they please because of the messes that have been made. For me, this is a real inconvenience. My bus gets to school at 7:37 every morning. This gives me enough time to walk to the cafeteria, grab my food, wait in line, and walk to class. The bell rings at 7:40 which means after the six minutes it takes me to do my routine, the one minute bell rings. How do the security guards expect me to eat my egg and cheese bagel, drink my milk, and drink my grape juice in one minute and make it to class on time? This rule makes no sense. Almost every first hour teacher lets their kids eat breakfast in their classroom because they want us there on time. Why can’t I continue my routine? It is because someone else disobeyed. It is unfair.

   Also, at school in order to go in the WOZone, students have to remove their bag(s) and put them on the floor to prevent stealing. I get it, they paid for it, so should we. This was not always a rule. I don’t know exactly who got caught or how they realized their items weren’t all accounted for, all I know is this rule is both good and bad. Good because there is less of a chance of people taking things. Bad because on more than one occasion I have almost dropped the food in my hand trying to either put my bag down, or pick it back up. During breakfast, the WOZone is not as packed as it is at lunch.  This morning, I got my breakfast and went in to buy a coffee but I remembered I had to take off my bag first. My hands were already full, so I had to put it all down and pick it all back up again. At lunch, sometimes I like to go in and buy a yogurt. At this point, I have already finished my lunch so I don’t have a tray in my hand but I still have to put my bag down. When I put my bag down, there are at least 15 other bags on the floor. By the opening of the WOZone, there are usually three groups of people standing in the way of everyone trying to get their bags and get out of there. There are so many people in the way that, sometimes, I have to raise my voice in order to get people to move out of my way. When I set my bag down to go in the WOZone, other people have to put their bags down too and sometimes my bag is at the bottom. Maybe I have glass in there, maybe I have a computer, or even  phone. No one knows what is in there. People are selfish enough to push your things around to make room for theirs. This is not okay with me. Just because one person or even a few people were stupid enough to steal from the SCHOOL store, I should not have to have my things crushed.

   No phones, no eating where we please, and even no backpacks in the WOZone are all rules made because one or two people decided to screw things up. It is most definitely not fair. People who actually abide by the rules should not have to suffer the consequences of those who don’t. We should all just obey the rules and there shouldn’t be a problem. I believe a lot of people will agree with me. Don’t play on your phones at work, it’s not what you’re getting paid for. Don’t trash the school, take care of what is given to you. Don’t steal, period. Stop making the innocent people suffer for your unnecessary actions.