5K Safari Run

Andrea Lefevre

As I run across the finish line, I get a satisfied feeling. My friends and I completed the Safari Run, and could now be proud of ourselves for running a 5K, and the best part, donating money for kids in need.

On Saturday the 17th, the Safari Run took place on the track at West Ottawa.It was a 5K Run. The price was $10, and with that came a really cool t-shirt. After the run, the students who held the event served the runners pizza, custard, and a table full of snacks.

30 students, adults, and even a dog, decided to participate and help with a donation for saving money to buy computers for kids in South Africa, so they will have better access to a more modern education system.

I participated in the run myself and had lots of fun. But I was interested in hearing what the other students who participated thought of it. “The Safari Run was great! The distance was nice. Not too long, and not too short, so people should be able to keep up with it, even though you are not a Cross Country runner.  You could walk or run the track. The T-shirts we got were nice, and there was a lot of snacks to gain the calories you just burnt after the run,”  Jr. Silvia Restucci said, as she laughed. “So I went for a run with some friends, we got a cool t-shirt, ate as much custard and pizza we could, and even helped donating money for a good cause. To me, that was a great way to spend my Saturday.”
I really hope a Safari Run will be held next year, too, and I am hoping that more people will participate. Even if you are not a big fan of running, you can walk the track. Keep in mind that with just $10 you are helping kids to receive a better education.