College visits are worth it

Alexis Holton

On Tuesday, October 20, I attended the visit to the GVSU campus in Allendale. It was a free visit. The campus was huge and it was such a cool experience. I’m glad I went. Missing a few days of school is totally worth it.

   A sophomore at GVSU brought us around to show off the campus. We saw all the cool things to do there including gyms, pools, stores, chapels, fast food restaurants, and living areas. She told us about the classes she has taken and what she recommends to make it through four years at a university.

   At GVSU, the options are almost limitless. Opportunities will be the last of your worries. 25,094 people attend GVSU. It is one of America’s largest universities. There are 19 intercollegiate varsity sports. It employs more than 3,000 people, (not including student workers). In Holland alone, there are 12 classrooms, 2 conference rooms, 3 labs and 11 offices. GVSU currently has 32 fraternities and sororities.

    Before my trip with the school, I was unsure about going to it, but once I got to have some interaction with actual students and got to experience most of the things first hand, I made my decision about wanting to attend.

   Of course, just because students visit a college, does not mean they are going to be set on going. This is why WO provides several different trips throughout the year that students of any grade may attend.

   Although you miss a day of school each day you got to these visits, it is totally worth it considering these visits give students one on one experience on the campuses so they can determine whether the college they have dreamt about is the college they really want to go to.

    Students may have their life planned out in your mind, but it all starts with where they decide to go when they leave high school. Whether it is leaving school and going straight to work, leaving and getting a GED, or leaving and going to college.

   It is important to start thinking about what you want to do after high school, so start now. Explore. Shoot for your dreams no matter how big or small. If the college of your dreams turns out not to be great, it is better to know before you settle. Go to these visits and see for yourself. Only you know what you really want to do. Do not let missing a few days of school hinder you from something that helps you plan your life out.