An unimaginable creation: The Franken-Teacher


Caitlin Walsh

Anyone familiar with John Hughes films might be acquainted with Weird Science. The film is about two high school boys and a night they will never forget —  the time they recreated Frankenstein’s monster. However, their version of the monster is undoubtedly different. They combine the best ingredients to create the “perfect” woman. Combining the logic of this film and applying it to West Ottawa makes one wonder if it was possible to create the “perfect” teacher. Teachers are remarkable and should not feel as if they need to aim for perfection; however, it is interesting to hear what students believe are exceptional characteristics to create the “perfect” teacher.

Soph. Hailey Warsaw gave her opinion on one of the key ingredients. “One of the best teachers I know is Mrs. Macdonald. She tells funny stories in class that relate to the lesson, which really helps students to pay attention and actually enjoy learning. Some teachers will just give you notes or powerpoints, which is not interesting. It’s a lazy way to teach,” Warsaw said. A teacher who can inspire students to learn is definitely a glimpse for the “perfect” teacher. Students are not always excited for another drab lecture. If a teacher turns the lesson into something interesting and get the students to become excited to come to class, that is truly an admirable trait. Therefore, ingredient #1 is a handful of inspiration.

Soph. Ja’Linne Jordan believes encouragement is a worthy ingredient for the “perfect” teacher. “A good teacher would be someone that encourages students to be a better version of themselves. When [teachers] are determined to influence the students to succeed, that is what makes a good teacher. Mr. Jaeger is a good example of this because he is persistent on ensuring that [students] pay attention in class. Jaeger does not need to make sure the students try their best, but he does and that is what makes him a good teacher,” Jordan said. Students are not always aware of the things they are capable of achieving. If a teacher can encourage a student to try their very best and reach farther, that will help them maximize their potential. Hence, ingredient #2 is a cup of encouragement.

Jr. Kaeley Seibel gives her point of view on what she believes is a key ingredient. “A teacher that has a good balance between their rules and being friendly with their students. They are not too strict and not too easy-going. Mr. Irwin has that balance and that’s what makes him one of my favorite teachers,” Seibel said. A teacher who balances their standards, and the ability to talk their students as a friend. Students are grateful when the teacher can be liked as a person, and as an instructor. Thus, ingredient #3 is a pinch of balance.

Frosh. Jurrien Wilson shares her thoughts on what trait should be included in the recipe. “A good teacher to me is someone who interacts with the class. Mr. Kinsler is a good example of this because he is able to get the students involved in a fun way,” Wilson said. When the teacher will discuss with the class and ask questions rather than having to listen to the teacher talk all hour is greatly appreciated by the students. This concludes ingredient #4, a dash of interactiveness.

The final step is to mush all these ingredients, including the general traits of a teacher, and compact it into one human body. Ta-da! There it is, the “perfect” teacher. This Franken-Teacher inspires the students to learn and to absorb as much knowledge as they can, they can also encourage students to achieve goals, and they can interact with the class about the lesson and get the students to truly engage. As fun as it is to imagine creating the “perfect” teacher; realistically, this is not possible. However, if a teacher has one of these traits; inspiration, encouragement, or interactiveness, they are a true helpful gift for each student. There is no “perfect” teacher necessary because students know that the best teachers are special in their different ways.