Experiences with the other side

Experiences with the other side

Caitlin Walsh

Sweaty palms, racing pulse, dilated pupils, and shivers may enter one’s system when fear has penetrated their mind. Some students have claimed to experience this fear from an unexplained event that some may think was caused by the supernatural. Although some may be skeptical toward the supernatural, who doesn’t enjoy a spine-chilling story? Students of WO are willing to tell their experiences about the “other side.”

Soph. Michael (Paco) Griffor:

“In 2005 during the winter, my brother was taking a nap, and suddenly woke up screaming and crying. He ran straight outside into the street, turned around, and just started crying and shouting ‘There’s angels on the roof!’ It was the weirdest thing.”

Sr. Emily Wallace:

“My dad really loves scaring people. He found the perfect opportunity when my little brother was taking a shower. He was singing his favorite song “Roxanne” by the Police, and was totally oblivious to my father standing outside the bathroom with a cup of cold water. My dad prepared himself with a recorder on his phone to be able to cherish the screams forever. Right as he was about to open the door and to spook my brother, he hears a distinct voice. Later when he checks out the recording, he hears the voice clearly whispering ‘Don’t do it.’ No one was in that part of the house when he was over there.”

Soph.Tara Fishnick:

“Around two in the morning, I took my socks off and threw it to the corner of my room and went to bed. About a minute later something hit my head; it was one of my socks. So someone must have thrown it at me. But there was no one in my room and there wasn’t anything that could have chucked my sock at me. This may not sound scary to you, but it was for me.”

Jr. Josey Jackson:

“At my dad’s house last year, he rented a TV show called Doctor Who. In [an episode], the lights started to flicker and go out just as our lights started to flicker and go out the same time as the TV shows lights did.”

Soph. Anna Jelsema:

“One night when I was sleeping at my friend’s house; we fell asleep with the TV on. Around three in the morning, I woke up and the TV was changing channels but the remote was on the other side of the room. The next morning when we woke up, the TV was shut off.”