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Student Life

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    Know when you need help
    If you look around the halls at West Ottawa High School you’ll see students desperately writing  essays that are due
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    Hamilton Education Project
    “The entire performance was amazing. It was a powerful piece, Tegan’s death and Gloria’s reaction to it was heart-
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    Pass the JUUL
    “It’s scary how addicting it is to vape because now I feel like I have to rely on it. It’s apart of my everyday ro
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    Is autocorrect harmful?
    “Poeple” turns into “people,” or more commonly “peice“ turns into “piece.” Autocorrect. The fast-food fo
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    It Is Who You Are
    I am proud of who I am. I have come far in my self-confidence journey. Although I am very happy with myself now, it hasn
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    Changing a tire: Intimidating but pretty easy
    When I entered high school I made a list of things I needed to learn before I graduated. I did this because when I was a



We are The West Ottawan

The West Ottawan is a publication run by journalism students at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

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The Project for Better Journalism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening student journalism programs across the country. We support publications just like this one.

The West Ottawan is produced and updated by students at this school, and supported by a faculty advisor.

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