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    Summer plans for the chromebooks
    Jr. Hayden Taylor doesn’t just use the Chromebooks for academic purposes, in fact he uses it as an everyday computer a
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    Great options for a first date
    You’ve done it. You finally got your license and you started at your new job. You also just asked out the girl who sit
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    Positive Beginnings
    “Positive Beginnings was a chance for me to have a mentor to give me the direction I needed freshman year. During my f
  • Road to recovery: Tucker Fritz
    Fresh off a recent knee injury, Jr. Tucker Fritz sat in his doctor’s office awaiting the news on his future in the
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    Who’s the teacher?
    Most people have hidden tales. Some people take a spontaneous trip to Vegas for the weekend, and others get to meet the
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    Recess trouble
    BBBBRRIIIINNNNGGG!!!! Kids stream out of the doors thirsty for the freedom of the outside, running as fast as their litt


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    Elementary school: great or garbage?
    Looking out the window on a snowy afternoon in Instructor Ken Strobel’s third hour journalistic writing class, just ac
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    Alternative Facts
    Pluto is a planet. Not some silly dwarf planet like the International Astronomical Union claimed back in 2006. It is a r
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    Thoughts from a foreigner: Immigration
    I am a British Citizen. President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban has caused more than a few headaches and a lot of f
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    Online school: Not a good option
    You may not notice it, but every laugh you have at school, every person you make eye contact with in the hallways, and e
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    Trump’s hypocrisy
    From time to time, we are all hypocrites. We cannot deny it, but when the biggest hypocrite of us all is the President o
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    Hamilton Couterpoint
    Brandon’s Point: Hamilton is a truly amazing production and possibly one of the best musicals of all time; it was give


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The West Ottawan is a publication run by journalism students at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

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