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Student Life

  • Living with a disabled parent
    In July of 2010, my dad underwent a serious surgery on his back that was supposed to fix the mild pain he had lived with
  • The GSA election
    On November 2, Jr. Mazzy Schutmaat was elected President of the West Ottawa Gay Straight Alliance Club. He is honored to
  • Lemonjello’s cutting their hours
    For many kids at West Ottawa, Lemonjello’s is the ultimate hangout spot to get homework done. On a weekly basis, L
  • Magic at the Warehouse
    Jr. Jacob Evans sat with his friend at the Gaming Warehouse, rapidly laying down Magic: The Gathering cards. Evans used
  • Undercover blogger at West Ottawa
    “Sophie” is a sophomore at West Ottawa with an undercover blog that has everyone wondering who she is. With her 80-1
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    Most Interesting Cars at WO
    Some cars turn heads because they look modern, expensive, and simply put, awesome.  If a new Range Rover drove by, many



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    Jake vs. WO Swimming
    Sploosh. The warm air contradicted the freezing cold water as I dove in for my trial run. 5 minutes prior, I met up with
  • Ashley Backus: swimming in college
    Sr. Ashley Backus looked up at the clock hoping, wishing, that it would say what she wanted it to say. It didn’t. She
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    The Transition: Nolan Eccker
    Then Jr. Nolan Eccker sprints up the court, weaving in and out of VR Tech players and spinning around their big guy. He
  • Image
    Running to State
    The WO Girl’s Cross Country team has had an incredible season and hopes to keep it going during the State meet this Sa
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    Success on the diving board
    The stands were filled at Grand Haven High School as the 50 yard freestyle came to a close. The divers started to get re
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    Jake vs. WO Soccer
     It was a warm morning at the WO Varsity soccer fields.  Bending down, the grass in my hands felt dry, and when it got

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The West Ottawan is a publication run by journalism students at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

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