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    Primera Plastics: More than just a job
    “I have a job mainly just to provide myself with money to pay for my vehicle and bills. The only benefit I get is lear
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    You really eat that?
    I didn’t even come up with the idea. That should have been my first clue. The person who came up with the idea couldn
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    Dealing with anorexia
      “Every day is a living nightmare, a nightmare that I cannot escape,”  Jr. Janey Miller said. (This name and
  • Living a new life
    With each step, his stomach tightened into a smaller and smaller knot, and his heart came closer and closer to His hands
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    The nightmarish rumor
    Rumor: You can’t have your phone out on the bus anymore. Fact: Yes you can.   Many West Ottawa students could never i
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    A yes or no that could change your life
    One afternoon, Sr. Matthew Moraw noticed an email from Butler University. He had received plenty of spam emails from But



We are The West Ottawan

The West Ottawan is a publication run by journalism students at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

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The Project for Better Journalism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening student journalism programs across the country. We support publications just like this one.

The West Ottawan is produced and updated by students at this school, and supported by a faculty advisor.

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