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Student Life

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    Sushi for dummies
    The buzz of chattering students surrounded us. We had just gotten to our third hour on a sunny Tuesday morning, and we w
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    Soccer Stand Out Ray Mackey
    He is one of the fastest players on the West Ottawa boys soccer team. Clocking in at 18.56 mph on a new program the socc
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    Starting a business: an emotional shipwreck
    Every day, we experience a crazy onslaught of emotion.    From the intense dread of school in the morning, to the inte
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    “I never stop”
    “Something was missing in my life, that part of education that I didn’t have made me feel incomplete”.    Born a
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    A lost dream
    It was the perfect sunny day for the perfect last day of fifth grade. I heard my fifth-grade teacher, Scott Follett, cal
  • The beauty of WO Renaissance
    “Good morning! Have a great day! Work hard!” On Wednesday mornings, as the buses unload students, there are friendly



We are The West Ottawan

The West Ottawan is a publication run by journalism students at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

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The Project for Better Journalism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening student journalism programs across the country. We support publications just like this one.

The West Ottawan is produced and updated by students at this school, and supported by a faculty advisor.

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