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    Best bread in Michigan
    Most people can agree nothing beats a warm piece of scrumptious bread right before a satiating dinner. Almost every rest
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    Much needed pool renovations
       In a mid-October swim meet, Jr. Alaina Wittum took her stance on the block. Her parents watched from the bleachers
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    Now you see it…Now it’s different
    Color is an illusion; it doesn’t exist in the outside world beyond people. People are able to see color  because, “
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    RIP senior wills
    “I, Mariah Vongphachanh, leave to my friends – Sydney: early morning sunrises, coffee, and maturity; Hannah: Fre
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    They took him from me
    They took him from me. They took him from my brother. They took him from my sister. They took him from our home. Late on
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    A zoo on the lakeshore: The Getz legacy
    If you could live anyone else’s life, whose life would you live? Most people would say they want to live as a cele

Student Life

  • This is my reality
    It is August 2017. My family and I are at the cottage we rent annually in Ludington, Michigan. My sister is tanning at
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    Best car names at WO
    Owning a car comes with many responsibilities. One of the most significant responsibilities is choosing a name. More tha
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    Making the best out of the worst situation
      What happens after someone gets expelled from middle school? That’s a question I had to ask myself in 8th grad
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    “I’m doing this for them”
    I watched as my mom and grandma tearfully held each other; an ocean had separated the two of them for more than ten year
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    WOMD: Are you addicted to compliments on social media?
    Are you addicted to attention from your peers on social media? Overview:   Addiction is an affliction that affects you
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    Love, me
    I remember staring at my neighbors through a window screen. My breath fogged up the glass, and the sun glared into my ey



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    August 11, 2017. I was getting ready for our second varsity football practice of the day; strapping on my cleats and tig
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    Review: Holland area disc golf courses
    I watched as my yellow Discraft Heat cut through the afternoon air. After about 7 seconds, it turned right and came down
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    Keep the players safe
    America’s favorite pastime: slapping some pads on kids and letting them go out and mangle each other, right? Football
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    An expensive postseason
    On the surface it seems like being a fan should be free; however, for a West Ottawa basketball fan, this postseason cost
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    Differences in women’s sports
    It is 1970 and Sr. Deb Kiekover rebounds the ball and dribbles only three times before stopping at midcourt. She can’t
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    New coach: a proven winner
    Last year, the West Ottawa Girls Lacrosse team finished a season with an impressive record of 11-5, which is the best th

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