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    Homecoming Assembly highlights
    The gym was filled with noise. The band played the fight song as the seniors rushed in from all corners. Jumping and run
  • Homecoming Week: The best moments
    Homecoming has come and gone, but the students of West ottawa will hopefully remember the amazing days and events that p
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    The Power of a Community
    It has been a difficult year. The United States had its largest mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando. Singer Christin
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    Parents Can’t Text
    Soph. Danielle Kuiper looks down to check her phone between first and second hour and sees a text from her mom “I love
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    Living with Sammantha
    Sammantha Vongphrachanh is just like everyone else; she loves watching Youtube and Netflix, and enjoys talking about her
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    West Ottawa Hiking Club
    Sr. Jared Wiseman stood amongst the whispering pines; creaks and moans traversed the woods with the aid of an afternoon



  • Varsity vs. Pros
      “Last Friday, Xavier Wade really put his team on his back against East Kentwood. His performance reminded me of A.
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    District Soccer Preview
    On a wet and muddy night, where winds were blowing and the rain would not let up, the Panthers took on a tough Hudsonvil
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    ACL Injuries
    It was a Thursday night, August 25, and the West Ottawa Varsity Panthers football team was competing in their first foot
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    Headed to State
    Although it was gloomy and raining outside, inside the MVP Tennis Center it was shining brightly for the Panthers. Jr. S
  • Five Misconceptions About Female Hockey Players
    Blades dig into ice as the player races to catch their opponent. Air breezes past their face and the cheers of the crowd
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    Jake vs. WO (Tennis)
    Jake vs. WO (Tennis) When I stepped onto the court I was feeling confident, but that quickly changed to anxiousness when

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