Michigan versus Michigan State


Angel Hernandez

Michigan vs Michigan State. Spartans vs Wolverines. This weekend there will be another chapter written in this historical rivalry. Both teams are having a fantastic season so far, Wolverines have been victorious in 5 games and only have lost once so far. If we head towards the center of the Mitten to Lansing, Michigan State is having a flawless season. Obtaining 6 wins out of 6 games played. These records only add more intensity to this football match. One team will step on to field of Michigan Stadium with the objective of keeping their season’s flawless winning streak. The other will be looking to please their fans and end a losing streak against the opponent that is two games too many.

Here at West Ottawa, some of our instructors are big Spartan fans or Wolverine fans. When asked if he was available to be interviewed, Instructor Nate Kukla answered ‘I always have time for the Spartans.” When asked who was going to win he replied “Spartans. Spartans all the way. I’ve been a Spartan; I did my undergrad and masters there.” When asked what he he thinks about the matchup, he stated “It’s going to be much better game than what we anticipated in the start of the season.” Also, with confidence he added, “I will root and believe this weekend, I am a Spartan.”

On the flip side, when Instructor Kevin Klassen was asked who he would support this 17th of October, he smiled and pointed at his U of M shirt and said “Take a guess.” It was obvious that he will be rooting for Michigan. Further into the interview, when asked why he thought Michigan was going to win, he said “Well, I’ve been a fan my whole life, at this moment they are heading in the right direction.” In addition, he pointed out, “History is on their side with the record of 68-34-3; Jim Harbaugh knows how to win.”

For Instructor Jason Detter, he was straight forward with his answers. Without a stutter or blink of an eye he chose Michigan as his pick for the clash in Ann Arbor.

Instructor Josie Cheney will be one of the luckier fans this weekend because she will be attending the game. She is a supporter of the Wolverines. But when asked who she thought would win she was hesitant at first. “That is a tough question, it is a rivalry game. Both teams are having good seasons.” But after that, she choose Michigan as the victor. “I think Michigan is going to win, because of their home field advantage.” Also adding “I hope they win, it’s been too long.”

Lastly, as for Instructor Kristie Jerrigan, Michigan State is who she roots for and believes that they will win this Saturday. “MSU will win. We have a stronger, much more developed program. Michigan has a brand new, baby program,” said Jernigan.

This weekend, the city of Ann Arbor could host one of the best U of M vs MSU matches in its history. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations that everyone is setting for this battle. May the best team win.