Senior Survivor contestants announced


Elyse Schurman, Reporter

The 7th season of Senior Survivor will take place the week of April 19. 

   It was unclear if the event would take place this year due to COVID-19. Student Senate has found a way to pull it off.

   “Many things are going to stay the same, however the biggest change is the safety measures put in place. For games we specifically had to think about games that can be done socially distanced and cleaned easily,” Jr. Meagan Rockafellow said.

   “Also, we had to plan for the possibility of going virtual at any time. That means for my committee we have had to plan in-person and virtual games for the worst-case scenario,” Rockafellow said. 

   The Survivors can raise money through winning games and receiving money from their supporters. 

   “Senate is very focused on making it an experience similar to past years with added safety measures to ensure everyone working on Survivor feels safe and stays healthy,” Rockafellow said. 


This years Survivors are: 

Keilah Visscher 

Elizabeth Lambert

Lydia Foy

Tabby Basha 

Serina Saengdara

Kindy Herman

Zach Vandam

Kyle Magennis 

Reese Bentley

Dominik Klavon

Brennen Galli

Trevor Burie