Homecoming 2015 dates and times

Connor Panse

You have heard about Homecoming and have seen the posters, yet you may have forgotten a date or two. This year Homecoming Week falls between Monday, September 28 and Saturday, October 3. Below is a compiled list of all the dates and times for Homecoming spirit Week 2015.


Spirit Week Dress Up Days

Each individual class will be scored based on the percentage of students that are dressed up for that day. Try and dress up every day to bring home a victory for your grade!

  • Monday 9/28 – Pajama Day
  • Tuesday 9/29 – Tacky Tie-Dye Tuesday
  • Wednesday 9/30 – Waaay Back Wednesday
  • Thursday 10/1 – Salad Dressing Day
      • Freshmen: Healthy Honey Mustard – Something Yellow or Healthy
      • Sophomores: Blue Cheese – Something Blue or Cheesy
      • Juniors: Thousand Island – Tropical
      • Seniors: Ranch – Western Theme
      • Teachers: TBA
  • Friday 10/2 – Panther Pride Day

Monday – Pajama Day

Wear your most comfortable sleeping clothes or lounge wear. Popular choices include onesies, robes, soft long sleeves shirts and sweatpants, and other comfortable attire. Make sure it is appropriate!

Tuesday – Tacky Tie-Dye Tuesday

Find your craziest and brightest clothes and wear them loud and proud.

Wednesday – Waaay Back Wednesday

Bring it back to decades past with your best retro clothes and outfits

Thursday – Salad Dressing Day

On Thursday, each grade is divided up to dress in a specific theme. Freshmen get to dress up as something healthy or something yellow.  Sophomores can have the option of dressing up blue or dressing up cheesy. Juniors can take a relaxing vacation with their best tropical attire. And finally, Seniors are bringing it back to the wild west with their best western gear.

Friday – Panther Pride Day

The day of the big Homecoming Football game gives students a chance to deck themselves out in their greatest black and white gear. Make sure to go all out with the school’s colors.



Lunch Time Activities

Students must sign up for lunch activities at the office of the building where the event is taking place. Activity will be held during both A and B lunch at the specified building. Lunch activities will be scored each day per lunch hour.

  • Monday 9/28 – Sleepwalking Relay – North Building, Main Street
  • Tuesday 9/29 – Spiral Art Game – South Building, Cafeteria
  • Wednesday 10/1 – Music Trivia Game – North Building, Cafeteria
  • Thursday 10/2 – No Hands Salad Challenge – North Building, Cafeteria
  • Friday 10/3 – Belly Flop Contest – South Building, Pool



Homecoming Football Game

The big game takes place Friday, October 2. Everyone should come out to watch the Varsity football team as they face off against the Grandville Bulldogs. Students on Homecoming Court will be recognized at halftime, and the class that wins Spirit Week will be announced during the third quarter. Make sure you come out and support the team!

  • Friday, October 2
    • 7 PM – West Ottawa Football Stadium



Homecoming Dance

The semi-formal Homecoming Dance will be Saturday, October 3 at 8 Pm and will go untill 11. Wristbands will be enforced, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Tickets will be $10 per person. Tickets will be on sale at lunch from Monday, September 28 to Friday, October 2. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door, so be sure to buy them at lunch. Seniors and Juniors ONLY will be able to attain guest passes during Homecoming week in order to bring guests from other schools.

  • Saturday, October 3
    • 8-11 PM – South High School



Homecoming Court

Students that are on Homecoming court will be recognized at the pep assembly on Friday, October 2, as well as halftime of the football game Friday night. The King and Queen will be announced at the football game as well. Students on Homecoming Court can attend a court breakfast the morning of Friday, October 2 during 1st hour. These students will be excused, but will be responsible for informing their 1st hour teachers.


2015 Homecoming Court


Jurrien Wilson and Jake Holstege

Grace Bruins and Paul Stryker


Maddie Kobylski and Sean Cavanaugh

Riley Vara and Dominic Aquino

Naomi Garcia and Tucker Fritz


Leslea Rose and Joe Sigler

Jojo Racelis and Marcus Whitley

Lauren Otteman and Adam Jongekryg

Leah Heidema and Kelby Bosma


Duncan Lackner and Annie Walsh

Oliver Goulet and Lily Keene

Zac Hunley and Ally Degraaf

Ethan Curtin and Addy Gerig

Sutton Smith and Maggie Becker

Jack Kleinjans and Andrea Nguyen

Julian Lugo and Ellie Bader



Powder Puff Football

The Powder Puff Football games, which gives female students a chance to experience playing football, will be Tuesday, September 29, with the first game starting at 6 PM. The Freshmen team will face the Sophomores first, with the Juniors and Seniors playing immediately after. The event will take place at the Varsity football stadium, and have an entry fee of $3, or $2 with the donation of a canned food item. Students who wish to participate must have a signed permission slip.

  • Tuesday, September 29
    • 6 PM – Varsity Football Stadium



Pep Assembly

The 2015 Homecoming assembly will be Friday, October 2 in the North high school gym after a shortened schedule for the school day. This shortened schedule can be viewed below. There will be several exciting events that take place during the assembly, such as Mock Rock, Fall Athletic captain recognition, relay races, and Homecoming Court introductions.

Each grade is responsible for organizing their own Mock Rock, and having it approved by administrators Wednesday, September 30. Each Mock Rock will be judged and scored based on the adherence to the theme, originality, crowd appeal, and lip-synching.

Friday, October 2 School Schedule

1st:   44 + 5
7:45 – 8:34
2nd:   44
8:39 – 9:23
3rd:   44
9:28 – 10:12
4th:   45
A Lunch  / B Class
10:12-10:42    /  10:17 – 11:02
A Class / B Lunch
10:47 – 11:32  /  11:02 – 11:32
5th:   45
6th:    45
12:27-1:12  **Seniors dismissed at 12:55
9th – 11th grade students will be dismissed from 6th period at 1:12.  Please wait for the intercom to dismiss.

Homecoming Assembly   1:27 -2:43