A price that will blow your socks off


Nate Snyder


“Buying socks is easy, I pick up a pack of twelve for the cheapest price I can find,” Trainer Trevor Ferrari said. Being the trainer, Ferrari gets to see a lot of the new sock fashion while taping ankles and being around athletes. Ferrari just hasn’t caught on with the new sock fashion, and would rather spend as little money possible on a pair of socks instead of having the swag that some of the athletes he tapes up have.

    More than just something to keep feet warm and toasty, socks are a type of fashion that many students at WO choose to invest in, particularly Nike Elite socks. These are not your father’s typical tube socks. These socks are thick and built for comfort. Socks have a left and a right sock just like shoes, for extra pleasure to the foot. They are very colorful, and for these reasons some students truly adore them.  “I love the feeling of a new pair,” JR. Hunter Bedford said, “I get excited when I order a custom pair off the internet and it arrives,” Bedford added.

   Sock brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan etc. have a price range that may drop the jaw of some more-practical older folks. Pairs of sock range from 10 dollars to 65 dollars on the Nike website. Spending that much money on socks would be a definite no for some sock shoppers. “I would never spend $65 on any article of clothing let alone socks,”  said Sr. Drew Behrendt.  Big sock companies have been trying to change the mind of sock buyers and reel in athletes selling socks meant for different sports.

  “I wouldn’t be too impressed with a pair of socks for a Christmas gift,” Instructor David Clark said. Teachers  just aren’t excited about receiving a pair of socks as students are.

  “I got a pair of elites for my birthday this summer and honestly, I was excited. When I was younger I wanted toys for gifts, but now I don’t mind getting a pair of elites for a gift,” said Sr. Ryan Ramirez.

  There are some extreme sock collectors here at our school. “The most I’ve spent on a pair was 36 dollars,” Bedford said. Hunter has about 45 pairs of socks which, is pretty remarkable. It might sound ridiculous to some but for Bedford this is an accomplishment. To some at WO, a pair of socks is more than just something to put under their shoes.