COVID-19: My unpleasant experience

COVID-19: My unpleasant experience

Joey Martinez


   My mother worked all day Thanksgiving, so I went to my friend’s house and celebrated with her family. Little did I know what was in store for me. Her mother had the virus and did not know yet. Friday, November 27th, I received a text from my friend Taylor Williams that said I should quarantine and maybe get tested.

   December 1 was the first day I got any symptoms; my neck was aching, and I had a light cough. This doesn’t sound like the worst symptoms ever, but it was enough to need to stay away from work and get tested. 

   December 2, I got tested and December 3, I got my results. I ended up contracting the virus and the day after was when all the symptoms showed up. I was tired all day, even after twelve plus hours of sleep. I lost my sense of taste and smell. My eyes and muscles were as sore as ever. And my cough was getting worse.

   Out of every symptom, losing taste and smell is the worst. Normally I get excited for food, but now that I can’t even taste, there is almost no reason to eat; it gets very depressing. The first day I lost my taste, I ate a whole lemon and a raw egg just to make sure I could not taste either of them. So I just ate healthy foods like vegetables that I wouldn’t normally eat, some proteins, and fruits. Now it is December 9 and I still can’t taste or smell.

   The virus has impacted my work in school, since everything is online, I cannot work up the motivation to wake up in the morning and do my work. Today I slept through my alarm, and after 13 hours of sleep, I finally woke up and I am still tired. 

   Also, being in quarantine for 2 weeks really harms your emotions. I feel more depressed every day not being able to see my friends, and I haven’t driven my car in over two weeks. I can barely see my family because I don’t want to infect them. My mother’s birthday was on the 6th, and I couldn’t even give her a hug.

   Some good has come from being sick, however. I got paid for two weeks from my job without working because of the virus. I have also lost some weight because of only eating healthy and drinking water, which I try to do normally, but it is easier when nothing that goes into your body has a taste. 

   I would never want this virus again. Before getting sick, I didn’t think it was an enormous deal, just another sickness. Now that I actually got it, I would never wish this upon anyone. This has been the worst experience of my life mentally and emotionally, I cannot wait until this is finally over. People need to quarantine as soon as possible in order to keep the virus away from others, especially those who have health issues.