WO votes


Kelly Linart and Abby Green

Joe Biden has won the election. Well not the actual election, but he did win West Ottawa High School’s Student mock election by a landslide.  

   Over the week of October 18, 2020 students at WO were asked “Trump or Biden?” The voting process consisted of a blank slip of scrap paper (ballot) that student’s filled out at their own desks (booth), after casting their vote anonymously the ballots were folded, placed in a bag, and then counted, with lots of hand sanitizer!

   Although the question asked was “Trump or Biden” many ballots came back with “neither,” “I am not political,” the occasional “Kanye” or a silly answer.

   Here is how the student body voted…

   Biden received 131 votes.

   Trump received 65 votes. 

   Neither received 31 votes.

   Kanye West received 3 votes.

   The mock election was a great way to understand the pulse of West Ottawa’s political views as 231 students participated or around 15% of the in-person student body.