My Opinion on Spirit Week


Andrea Lefevre

I had never experienced something like spirit week until I came to America. It is not a thing I have ever heard of in Europe. Now that the week is over, I am very glad that I got to experience it.

It has been a lot of fun participating in dressing up, and seeing all the cool outfits people would show up in. I was really surprised at how many people participated in dressing up. If that would have been at a Danish school, nobody really would have cared about it. But what can I say, we don’t have any school spirit, and most people hate to stand out. Which to me is a big shame!

After days of creative outfits and competitions at lunch, it was finally Friday. The day of the homecoming game. And as a European who does not have a clue about American football since we do not play nor do we watch it,  I still had a ton of fun. So many people showed up, and everyone in the black hole was dressed in white. I enjoyed watching the homecoming court, another tradition we don’t have in Denmark. It was a very cold game to watch, but definitely a fun one too. I love going to the football games.

It was finally Saturday, which meant the homecoming dance. The dance was a lot different than how the danish dances are. We listen to more techno music, and dance a little crazier than here. You would never see anyone grinding or slow dancing at a party in denmark. We are allowed to drink at our school dances, and sometimes they serve free beer. In Denmark we won’t dress up as nice as here. I have never seen a 17 year old guy dressing up in a tux, just to go to a school dance. But I think that in general,  Denmark is more laid back and chill than America.

But even though the homecoming dance was not as crazy as what I am used to, I still had a lot of fun, and it was really cool to experience it. It is definitely something I will share with everyone back home. And hopefully, one day the schools in Scandinavia will have spirit week.