Student Senate brings fun distraction

Student Senate brings fun distraction

Meagan Rockafellow


The lights dim in the gym, the shouts that had previously filled the space are quickly reduced to whispers. Freshmen glance around the stands confused. Then, like a wave, the senior class of 2020 floods in, each student decked out in black senior t-shirts and equipped with noise makers of all varieties. 

   The silence is gone, quickly forgotten. What takes its place is pure excitement, joy,  the defining sound of noise makers unifying the senior class. The excitement and joy has been the trademark of decades worth of homecomings for West Ottawa. 

   Because of the pandemic, the events of past celebrations will be nearly impossible to recreate safely, leaving a hole in the heart of West Ottawa’s pride and sparking many questions.

  “Homecoming is such a big event every year for school, especially as a senior, and getting to show your pride one last time. I feel disappointed but understanding for the situation we’re in,”  Sr. Jill Annable said.

   In light of the sad reality of the 2020 school year, WO Student Senate is working extra hard to create opportunities to unify the student body safely and to bring the feeling of homecoming into other events. 

   Student Senate Advisor Doug Mandrick describes that Student Senate faces unique challenges that will require more planning and focus on the safety of students, but they are determined to keep putting on events to unify the school. 

   To bring some pride safely into the school year, Senate put on a spirit week during what was supposed to be homecoming week. The spirit days featured WO traditions such as Black and White Friday, PJ Monday, and Decades Day Thursday. As well as some new creative days, Tie Dye Tuesday and Whatcha Watch Wednesday.

   Student Senate Advisor Cathy Engel said that the Student Senate’s main goal is  “to bring as many students together as possible and to bring little pieces of joy, happiness, or excitement into the year.” 

   Many students felt joy and happiness as they expressed their pride through their outfits during the past week. “My favorite spirit day had to be Pajama Day. I love how much everyone supports the school by wearing something that everyone feels comfortable wearing,” Frosh. Ella McNeely said.

   Remote learning students also participated in spirit days. Soph. Alexia Sierra said that she enjoyed spirit week. “Overall I feel spirit week is fun and a great way to show spirit,” Sierra said. The only downside she describes is that she couldn’t be with the student body and see all the outfits.

   Along with some new spirit days, WO Student Senate also gave out prizes for students nominated by teachers as most spirited. Sr. PJ Day winner, Johnny Muoio said, “I won a Peppino’s gift card which was pretty sweet because I really like Peppino’s.”

   While most homecoming events have been postponed and the future is unknown, the feeling of homecoming still remains. The feeling of homecoming may not come in the form of a football game or a dance or WO traditions, but the spirit of homecoming still remains in the students and staff.