Don’t use text to ask for a date

Lexy Gutierrez

“He asked me out in through text and it was awkward. Yes, I wanted to be asked out and my friends talked him into it because we liked each other at the same time, but I didn’t expect it through text. I wanted to be asked out in person so that it could be special and I could tell everyone. But instead I got a ‘will you go out with me?’ Not a sweet text only that,” said a WO junior. If you’re thinking about asking someone out, do not ask through text.

   If you ask someone out through text, then you are not doing it right. You are supposed to ask someone out in person. That is the most memorable and traditional way.

  A couple of ways you could ask someone in person is to give them a card and stand there and watch them read it, ask them with roses or chocolate, or you could ask them with a poster during lunch or in between class. Make it special so they remember it . 

   If you ask someone out, make sure you ask them out in a cute and memorable way. Even though it may be high school, many people marry their high school love. Ask your parents, maybe they were high school sweethearts. Find out if your dad asked your mom in a cute and memorable way. You’ll never know, you might find something out about your parents that you did not know.