Simond Sopheap. Artist, perfectionist, genius


Jack Kleinjans

Sarithy Sopheap, otherwise known as Simond, aspires to become an artistic sensation. Having taken almost every advanced art class the school provides, including dual enrollment courses at Kendall College of Art and Design his sophomore year, his skills are immense, and his drive is impressive.

   In his senior year, Simond has grown a reputation in the artist community at West Ottawa, his work displayed all over the South building. Recently, the young artist has grown from exclusively doing school artwork, to getting his name into the artist community. He’s done this by entering into state competitions this past school year, as well as multiple contests this past winter.

  Passing Simond in the hall will usually include quickly stepping away from IMG_66521whatever current piece he is creating; he carries his art everywhere he goes. Using this type of transportation for his artwork allows him to work on art wherever and whenever he desires.

  And yet, Simond isn’t only known for being a fantastic artist, but a reliable student and trustworthy friend. No student has received this kindness like Sr. Elizabeth Ly.“Simond is the only friend who I can remember the exact day I IMG_89471met him… the second day of sixth grade. He’s so genuinely nice and polite; he’s the type of guy to hold the door for everyone during fire drills,” Ly said. “He is a truly artistic person. I can see him achieving any level of art he wants.”

  Simond’s career goal is to be a Manga artist. Having experienced his determination first-hand, I believe he has the drive to achieve this level of success. Simond is a humble student, hard worker, and good friend; traits many wish to bear.2015-10-08 22.30.56