Must-see athletes

Dylan VanderWal

Zion Williamson gets an easy steal from Clemson guard Shelton Mitchell and sprints down the court for what seemed like an easy 360 dunk. These types of plays make athletes must-see. Williamson’s crazy in-game dunks get lots of attention and make fans jump out of their seats every time he goes up with the ball for a hard slam dunk. All throughout time people have had that special player they have watched. Who are these players to staff members of West Ottawa?


Varsity football coach and assistant principal Ryan Oshnock:

Oshnock’s must-see player was Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. “Any time he has the ball, he is fun to watch,” Oshnock said. In 2011 Oshnock served as a graduate assistant at the University of Cincinnati. Oshnock’s job was to coordinate the offensive scout team each week. Kelce played on this team and was by far the best player… on the entire team… at ANY position. ¨I’ve never said this about anyone ever, but he could literally play any position on the offense, defense, and special teams, and be the best at that spot. That includes the QB position where Zach Collaros was our starting QB,” Oshnock said.

 Kelce stood at 6´7” and weighed 260lbs. He was a very powerful and athletic player that could not be stopped. “He could just do things that no one else I had been around could ever do,” Oshnock said. “He’s fun to watch because he is an incredible matchup for every defense they play against. He could handle 15-20 targets every game.”


Coach and Instructor Rick Becker:

Becker’s must-see player is an obvious legend: Michael Jordan. “I gained interest when he was at UNC and putting up amazing numbers. His Jordan shoe commercials were always the best,” Becker said. The story of Jordan is inspiring so his answer is no surprise. From being cut from the team his sophomore year of high school to becoming one of the greatest players to ever play the game, he has a great story behind his legacy.

 “It wasn’t just his physical prowess, ball handling, passing, shooting, dunking, or defensive player of the year award. He had the ‘it’ factor to win games, basically rip your heart out and make you know you had no chance to win,” Becker said. Jordan was an amazing player that did anything to win, and that shows through his six championship rings and impact on the NBA today.


Instructor Kevin Klassen:

Klassen’s must-see player in college was Charles Woodson. “I had the chance to meet him a few times when I was in middle school, and he played for Michigan,” Klassen said. “It was fun watching him play on both sides of the ball. He played with confidence and swagger and would never back down from a battle, like when he matched up across from David Boston in the Michigan vs Ohio State game in 1997.” Charles Woodson was a great asset for Michigan that won the Heisman Trophy being a primarily defensive player. Klassen still remembers where he was the day Woodson won the Heisman Trophy.  


Instructor Paul McNitt:

Although he is not a fan of his must-see athlete’s college team, Earvin ¨Magic¨ Johnson is McNitt’s must-see player. “Despite being a Spartan in his college days, I couldn’t help but watch Magic play, both in college and throughout his NBA career,” McNitt said. “Initially, I tuned into his games to watch a 6´8” point guard who could score and change a game with his passing wizardry,” McNitt said.

 “I continued to follow Magic for those same reasons, and more importantly, for the sheer joy and enthusiasm he displayed for the game of basketball. He loved to play the game and it showed. He smiled and he laughed but still had the will to win that leads to greatness,” McNitt said.  Magic is one of the best point guards in the history of the NBA and will always be remembered for his amazing passing.


Instructor Doug Mandrick:

Mandrick’s must-see player is one of West Ottawa’s very own, Jarod Klavon, who is the goalie for the hockey team. Mandrick loves to support his students inside and outside of the class, so when Klavon invited him to a game. “Jarod is a great person and a great representation of our West Ottawa community. I was proud of all his work beyond student senate academically as well as his true caring heart of wanting to help others reach their potential and goals,” Mandrick said.

 “He did an excellent job at covering the net and being an active goalie. Watching him work the ice and play with the team was much like going to a professional hockey game, but even better as it was West Ottawa hockey,” Mandrick said. Mandrick highly encourages anyone to support the West Ottawa hockey team.