WoStock preview – Justice Decays


Mariah Vongphachanh

Concerts, even just to purchase places in the cheap seats, are expensive.  You have to decide whether you will spend hundreds of dollars on a seat close to the stage or upwards of twenty dollars for seats way in the back where you hear the crowd more than the music. No longer.  On March 23 and 24, WOStock is taking place. Tickets are only $10 for one night, $15 for both, and the music and experience is just as good as any other concert. There are many bands coming to perform, one of them being Justice Decays.  Let’s take a look at who this band is and what to expect from them.


Their first roadblock came fairly early in their journey. “They were going to sue us if we kept it,” Sr.  bassist Colbey Fisher said. It, being his band’s original name, No Justice. “Everyone was really stressed when they called us. Apparently, there was this band from the 90’s that got mad because their band was also called No Justice. Luckily, we found a new name.”


Justice Decays defines themselves as a hardcore punk band, and they are prepping for a performance at West Ottawa’s WOStock.


The original members include vocalist Cameron Fisher, lead guitarist Sam Rottschafer, and drummer Mason Bruce. They had been working hard for a while when they decided to add in bassist Colbey Fisher, feeling they needed one more element to perfect their sound.


The band writes all of their own music. They start out by just messing around with sounds and jamming out with their instruments, then they’ll get a flow. Cameron Fisher writes the lyrics as the rest of them beat out some tunes. “I get to belt out my feelings without having to explain them to people,” Fisher said.


Their music will please headbangers and mosh pitters alike who believe it’s high time for a change in government and society. Their song “Living Hell” addresses some of the problems and feelings associated with the community they are a part of, one that can’t be trusted.

  The band describes the world as fake with a “predetermined fate”. The music of Justice Decays voices the opinion of the oppressed and inspires listeners to “stand for your beliefs.” One can feel adrenaline pump through their blood as they listen to Justice Decays’ intense mix of heavy drumming and strong bass.


The band has performed at local bars, such as Mulligan’s in Grand Rapids. The crowd was jumping, dancing, and moving as they let the music surge through them. “It is the biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever experienced. I usually see the madness that comes from our music transmitted into the crowd.” Rottschafer said.


Since their first performance there, they have made a music video and have come out with a demo. Their demo includes songs “Hatred”, “Exit”, “Living Hell”, “Past Life”, and “False Hopes”.


You can see Justice Decays on Saturday, March 24 at 11. Many other bands similar to this one with their own amazing stories will be performing at WOStock.  With the awesome variety of music coming to WO, the performance this year should be better than ever.