Fashion disasters


Maggie O'Brien

Scrolling through my feed on Instagram last week, I noticed so many people who posted pictures claiming that tracksuits are once again going to be the go-to fashion statement. All I could think about was how someone could take such a wrong fashion turn and brag about it. It made me think about how many old, terrible trends I’ve noticed students at West Ottawa are trying to bring back in style. So many of these styles are outdated, and yet for some reason students are still trying to bring them back.  While some old trends can be cute, there are so many that should be left in the past.


  1. Sagging jeans. It’s a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Now, I’m not saying that guys shouldn’t wear jeans. In fact, jeans that fit the right way can be the perfect way to complete an outfit. There are just so many wrong turns that guys make. One big wrong turn is sagging. It’s a trend that needs to go. Sagging used to be a huge trend even though it was probably created by someone who only owned pants that were too big. I am convinced that no one likes this trend, not even people who sag their pants. If you sag your pants, you can’t even walk straight and if you’re a spectator you have a very unpleasant view. It’s a loss for everyone.
  2. Overalls. The whole concept is just wrong. Functionally, they can only be worn as pants, you still have to wear a shirt under them, but they cover almost your entire torso. They’re just pants with a bib. Let bibs be a fashion statement for babies and leave it at that. The original purpose was to wear overalls over your clothes to protect them while working a dirty job. They were baggy, hard to tear, and didn’t fall down because of the straps. Now, they are often worn with one strap not connected making them completely useless. If they’re too baggy on the bottom, people can see down them and you can’t pull them up because they won’t stay up. If they’re too tight they are uncomfortable. Why wear clothes that are uncomfortable and that are meant for children and workers?
  3. Fanny packs. I’m not sure who decided it would be a good idea to bring these back. Functionally I understand why they could be useful to hold a few things, but so is a purse or a backpack. They should only be used by moms who need to carry tissues and chapstick for their toddlers. That is about the only thing you can fit in them anyway. Besides that, the straps have a buckle. No one should ever wear an article of clothing with a plastic buckle. Ever.
  4. Velour tracksuits. AKA pajamas that people decided were okay to wear outside. Just imagine looking back on high school pictures and your children seeing you wearing brightly colored pajamas in class. The first question they ask will obviously be about why your school had so many pajama days each year. Their next few questions might be about why you look like Kim Kardashian before she was famous or why you ever decided to wear something velour. Regardless of which question they ask, you will not want to try to explain your reasoning to any of these questions. Most likely, because you don’t have any good reasons for wearing a tracksuit anywhere outside your bedroom.