Student vs. staff 2018


Jevic DeVries

End of First Quarter: 8-6 Staff

Throughout the entirety of the first period of the 2018 student vs staff basketball game, there was nothing but strong defense from both teams. But ultimately, the teachers had the better defense. The teachers set the pace for the game in the first quarter with incredible defense and multiple turnovers, leading 8-6 at the end of the first quarter.


End of Second Quarter: 18-18

Sr. Michael Cruz, better known by his nickname “Paco,” won student MVP of the game and rightfully so. Midway through the second quarter, nearing halftime, Cruz took the game into his own hands and was able to edge past three staff defenders for the perfect layup. After putting two more points on the board for the students, Cruz was able to steal the staff’s inbound pass and get another easy layup.


End of Third Quarter: 35-30 Students

The third and fourth quarters are where the scoring really started to pick up and the intensity increased. Now, while the scoring might have been picked up, some teachers didn’t want to stop playing the aggressive defense they had started off with. Instructor Jenna Plewes was determined not to let up and play soft defense. Early in the third quarter, Plewes picked up her fourth personal foul only to end the game with a total of five fouls.


End of Fourth Quarter: 49-46 Staff

Heading into the fourth and final quarter of the 2018 student vs staff basketball game, the scoring didn’t slow down from where it left off in the third quarter. Layup after layup and three-pointer after three-pointer, both teams seemed to be destined to come out with a victory. Down three with only seconds left, Sr. Liam Cavanaugh took a half-court shot that just narrowly hit the edge of the rim and bounced back towards the players; and that is how the 2018 West Ottawa student vs staff basketball game came to a close.


While this game was filled incredible shots and drives up the middle of the court, there was more than one dull moment. Throughout the first and into the second quarter, the staff was playing very strong defense accompanied by very lazy offense by the students. Multiple turnovers from the students showed just how relaxed and chilled out they were playing at the beginning of the game and ultimately caused the downfall and loss for the students.