Xmas music in November


Benjamin Hoey

On November 1, STAR 105.7 began to play Christmas music. West Ottawa students and staff have some strong opinions on this matter.


  There are those who downright despise the fact that Christmas music is played almost two-and-a-half months before Christmas.


 “These days, it’s all about the capitalization of nostalgia. When companies plan to profit on nostalgia by playing Christmas music way early in November and skip over Thanksgiving, then I can’t support that,” Sr. Seth Gibson said.


  “Although it might be ok to listen to, it gets very old and annoying to hear the same songs over and over before Thanksgiving,” Instructor Norma Lamotte said.


  “There’s another holiday a whole month before Christmas. It’s called Thanksgiving! We under- appreciate Thanksgiving, and when we play Christmas music in November, it kind of overshadows the entire holiday. Being a holiday centered around thanks, I think it should be a little more important than Christmas music,” Sr. Devon Nantharath said.


  “[Christmas music] can get really annoying for a while. I get super hype after Halloween for it, but after about a week and a half, it becomes really irritating. I just want it when the time is right,” Jr. Morgan Miller said.


  On the other hand, some say that there isn’t anything bad about getting into the holiday spirit early.


  “It helps people get into a better mood. It gets them ready for the holiday season ,” Jr. Isaac Miller said.


  “Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is the next big holiday, but there really isn’t any Thanksgiving music. I gotta get pumped for something. Plus, Christmas just puts me in a really good mood,” Jr. Tiyarra Duron said.


  “Christmas music is some of the best music out there, and it deserves two months at least to be broadcast. If you don’t like it, change the station,” Assistant Principal Ryan Oshnock said.


  “Thanksgiving isn’t a super big international holiday. Christmas is, compared to Thanksgiving. Therefore, having a large amount of time to spread holiday cheer through music is a good idea,” Soph. Logan Branderhorst said.


  Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, but the Christmas music plays on, signaling the imminent return of the holiday season.