School record: Six touchdowns


Jevic DeVries

Last Friday, Sr. SeanKesse Townsend set a school record scoring six touchdowns in the Panthers win at home over Grandville, 41-18. The win clinched an outright conference title. Here is a look at each of Townsend’s scores.


First quarter, Grandville’s 13 yard line

Townsend takes the handoff from Isaac Van Dyke and runs to the right and outside of the offensive line. Eric Paauwe and Marcus Saengdara make key blocks down field to open a gap for Townsend. Paauwe steps right anticipating the defensive end to cut left but he doesn’t, so Paauwe makes a great adjustment and jumps left to push the end inside and out of the play. Saengdara is rushing downfield to block head up on the play side safety to secure the easy 13-yard rushing touchdown.


Second quarter, Grandville’s 3 yard line

Townsend, lined up on the right of Van Dyke this time, takes the handoff and pushes to the outside left of the offensive line. On this play, it is Saengdara and Tucker Fritz who make key blocks down field. Again, as on the previous play, Saengdara pulls to the play side and makes a fantastic block on the nearside corner driving him back five yards. Fritz, starting in the slot receiver position, runs up to the safety posted in the middle of the field and makes an outstanding block so Townsend can drive his way into the endzone putting up 14 points for the Panthers.


Third quarter, Grandville’s 2 yard line

Townsend is now lined up behind his quarterback and to the left. Townsend runs behind key blockers Isaac Miller and Dan McLeod. Miller passes up the defensive end lined up across from him and hits the play side linebacker for a crushing block. McLeod pulled from the right side of the line to make a devastating blow on the defensive end that Miller had passes by. These blocks opened up enough of a gap for Townsend to truck the safety and in for the score.


Third quarter, Panther’s 39 yard line

Xavier Wade, playing wide receiver, is called into motion by Van Dyke. This motion gets the play side linebacker to bite just enough for the ball to be handed to Townsend heading towards the opposite sideline as Wade. Along with the motion of Wade, Liam Cavanaugh hits the stand up backer and with his strength pushes him outside of Townsend’s lane.  With Townsend’s speed, he easily hits the hole and covers 61 yards for the touchdown.


Third quarter, Panther’s 27 yard line

Townsend, in the backfield and to the right of Van Dyke, takes the handoff up the middle looking for a few yards. McLeod and Sengdara are the lead blockers. Both of the guards bypass defensive linemen going straight to the linebackers. By delivering bone jarring blocks on both linebackers, they open up the middle of the field for Townsend. After Townsend was into the secondary, the only player that had a chance to catch him was the middle of the field safety who was no match for Townsend’s speed.     


Fourth quarter, Grandville’s 10 yard line

Townsend lines up directly to the left of Van Dyke and takes the ball to the right, outside of the offensive line. Paauwe may have been pushed back off the line by the defensive lineman just a bit but he was able to recover his footing and keep the end from getting outside of him and reaching Townsend. Not only was the blocking to perfection but Van Dyke had a key role, too. After Van Dyke gave the ball off to Townsend, he faked an empty-handed pass to Wade on the opposite side of the field making the playside backer hesitate just enough so speedy Townsend could burst to the corner of the endzone for his sixth and final touchdown of the night.