Have the seniors been cheated?

Austin Book

Spirit week is clearly one of the biggest annual events that WO has to offer. Students have the opportunity to spread their school spirit around school by dressing up for each respective day. On the Thursday of each spirit week, students have a chance to represent their grade by dressing up for their grade’s designated theme. This year’s themed Thursday is Salad Dressing Day. While the idea initially induces an eye roll, it is actually very creative if executed correctly. However, we seniors can not get over the fact that we are stuck with Ranch dressing instead of the much preferred Thousand Island dressing. I do realize that this type of thinking is silly, but spirit week is a great distraction for seniors that are trying to figure out where they will be next year. Have the seniors been cheated?

   From my previous high school years, the themed Thursdays were based on reality television, decades, and adventure. The seniors always ended up getting the best one in each category. Freshmen year, we were tasked with dressing up in Swamp People apparel. The seniors received Survivor. While I fully understood that the freshmen would not get one of the best shows, I was appalled by getting stuck with Swamp People. I felt Swamp People was a slap in the face to the freshmen because there are countless reality television show alternatives. “I didn’t like that we had to dress up as ‘swamp people’. We should’ve done [Keeping Up with the Kardashians]. It would have been so hilarious,” Sr. McKenna Stam said. While I entirely disagree that dressing up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians would have been better, there are many other shows that I believe we could have dressed up to.  Sophomore year, we had the ‘70s. The seniors had the ‘20s. When I think of fashion decades, I think of the ‘20s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. While there is undoubtedly memorable fashion from the ‘70s, the fashion in the other mentioned decades are more iconic and easier to dress up for. Junior year, we had to dress up as superheroes. Many of the juniors including myself liked superheroes. The seniors had to dress up as Disney characters which is a bit better than superheroes. However, the juniors realized why the seniors had the better theme and were fine with it. This year, we have Ranch dressing and the juniors have Thousand Island dressing. I am not sure how the student senate decided this. Pardon my shade about to be thrown, but the student senate assigned Thousand Island dressing to the wrong grade. All the senior classes of years past received the best theme of their themed day. As a senior, I feel a bit cheated that the juniors received the best salad dressing this year.

   Watching the senior mock rock is always one of the most enjoyable moments of the year even if you are not a senior. This year, we are rocking out to country themed music? Personally, I would have preferred nearly anything else. This is not just because I am not a fan of country music, but also it is because a Hawaiian music mock rock has much more potential than a country music mock rock. Sr. Riley Boone, a choreographer and participant in our senior mock rock, said, “Considering our mock rock and the people that have to choreograph and set up our mock rock, it would have been a lot more fun with Thousand Island. I don’t blame this on anyone particularly. When you think about it, the majority of seniors that you ask will say that they wanted thousand island as opposed to ranch. And, I know that it’s a vote and that seniors get first pick. Since most seniors wanted thousand island, I just wonder why we have ranch if we get the first pick.” The choice of ranch also affected the focus of the senior mock rock. While I am still confident that our senior mock rock is going to be the best, it would be cool to see the seniors doing a Hawaiian themed mock rock instead of a country themed mock rock.

   Have the seniors been cheated? Yes. Although it sounds silly, the theme of each grade means a lot to the seniors.I am not trying to blame anyone here, but I want to ask one question to those who designated our grade as ranch dressing… why?