Should vaccines be required by law?


Emily Moore and Lexi Manning

Vaccines should not be required by law:

An infant in Holland, Michigan was injected with hundreds of chemicals within the first two months of their life. While this may sound like a huge deal, for millions of Americans it is not. In fact, it is required by law for children in Michigan to be injected with these chemicals called “vaccines.” Lexi will argue below that vaccines are “precious” and ridicule even questioning them. But choosing to vaccinate is a big move to be made in the life of one’s child, yet American parents have little to no say, and they should.

  Vaccines are dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), no vaccine is free from side effects. Studies done by the CDC reported that pneumonia can stem from the chickenpox vaccine, and long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, and permanent brain damage can be caused by the DTP and MMR vaccinations. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) says that vaccines may be linked to learning disabilities, asthma, autism, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and other disabilities.

  Sources that promote vaccinations are admitting the lifelong side effects that come with vaccines. Think they’re safe because of the credible sources from the mainstream media like the CDC and the NVIC claim they are? Think again. These are the same corporations that profit off of the vaccine costs as well as the cost of treatment for vaccine damage. How can the law override a mother’s choice to put their child at risk for these side effects?

  Vaccines contain harmful ingredients like mercury in the flu shot, which is linked to autism, aluminum, which can cause neurological harm, formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen, Glutaraldehyde in DTaP vaccines, which can cause asthma and other respiratory issues, and more. These ingredients are all included in vaccines that Michigan’s law deems mandatory.

  Vaccines are ineffective and herd immunity is a sham. Even with more required doses of vaccinations than ever before, this is the first generation that is not expected to outlive their parents. Yes, medical advancements have improved over the last hundred years when the first vaccine was tested, but so have general living and health conditions. In fact, the combination of improved living conditions and the quarantine program eradicated the smallpox disease. Since their implementation, vaccines have not eradicated a single disease.

  Vaccines may make the body develop artificial immunity, but if that happens it’s only temporary and costs the receiver the time that they could have spent building up the body’s real immunity. Why replace the body’s naturally developing immune system with artificial and temporary immunity that isn’t as efficient and can’t even be promised in the first place?

“What about when a kid who’s too young or sick to get a particular vaccine comes in contact with someone who’s carrying a disease who decided not to get a safe vaccine for a preventable disease?” Andrew Moore said, and many others question. This is where herd immunity has come in.

  Herd immunity: stopping a disease by having the majority of people in an area immune to the targeted disease(s). In most cases, immunity is assumed equal to vaccinated. Herd immunity is used to protect those who can’t be vaccinated due to sickness or age. Basically, some people can’t be vaccinated therefore everybody else is forced to be vaccinated in order to “protect” the weak.

       In a situation like this, where one person is for some reason unable to be vaccinated, this person should (supposedly) not come in contact with people who could be infected with or be carrying a disease. Therefore, there are two options. This person could not socialize with people who have not been vaccinated, which would be difficult. They would have to be homeschooled, take serious precautions when going in public, avoid large group gatherings, and miss out on many experiences. Option two: force almost every one of the 325,000,000 Americans to be injected with dozens of doses of vaccines. While option one is very inconvenient for a person to go through, option two is immoral, unconstitutional, and straight up absurd. When someone can not be immune to devastating diseases, the burden should be placed on them, not millions of others.

  Some don’t believe that vaccines are dangerous, while some do believe that vaccines are dangerous. Some should choose to vaccinate, while some should not choose to vaccinate. The point is, there should be a choice. Not only is it immoral to force millions of people to be injected with known carcinogens, it is unconstitutional.

  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” This is written in the first amendment. There are several religions that oppose vaccinations, and it is very difficult and in some states impossible to gain religious exemptions, even though it is a constitutional right. The Universal Family Church believes that parents should choose whether their children should be vaccinated and that “God intends the health decisions of individuals should… be honored by all authorities.”

  Forcing millions of Americans to inject carcinogens and other toxins into their body is immoral and unconstitutional, yet unless an individual does not belong to any government controlled group they are required to be vaccinated.

  Mandatory vaccines are just the beginning. It is not the government’s place to decide what is healthiest for Americans. Based on this logic, every American should be required to eat broccoli, exercise, and read. After all, it’s what’s best for everyone, isn’t it?


Vaccines should be required by law:

Social security numbers. Driver’s licenses. Birth certificates.

  All of these things have something in common: most American citizens have them, and we are required to have them if we want to live our lives comfortably and legally. Drivers licenses ensure that we have good, safe drivers on the street. “Click it or ticket” ensures that even if an accident happens while on the road, passengers will be buckled up, and therefore, safe.

  The United States has many important laws and regulations to keep her citizens safe. Requiring vaccines should be one of these laws.

  For those who are against vaccines, I can see where you’re coming from. We don’t have polio, rubella, and measles like we used to a hundred years ago. Plus, most parents are getting their children vaccinated, so yours should be safe, right? I mean, if the other kids are protected, it’s herd immunity.

  Well, I’m going to start with this. The reason we aren’t seeing the mass devastation from polio, rubella, and measles like we used to see is because of these vaccines, and these diseases are still alive and well in other countries. Less developed countries who may not have the access to precious vaccines are still in the midst of this war against disease and know the importance of these vaccines, something that we as Americans are forgetting.

  We haven’t seen cases of polio in America since the late 70’s. We’ve forgotten what it looks like. Still, our grandparents will remember. The older Americans can still remember when the neighbor kid was paralyzed, or even died, from polio in the early 1900’s. It is still fresh in their mind.

  The only thing different about now and then is that we HAVE the cure to these deadly diseases, along with the fact that we are blind to the true devastation that these diseases cause. If we lived in the time our grandparents lived, we would want everyone to be vaccinated. Why suffer when we have a simple cure in hand?

  My next point is about herd immunity. Herd immunity, if you don’t know, is when a large portion of the population is immune to something, therefore protecting the small percentage that isn’t immune. If everyone around you is healthy, you are less likely to get that sickness. It makes sense. It’s science.

  But with our new era of “health” and “green” and “non-GMO” thinking, we have lost sight of how herd immunity works. It works because everyone who is able to be vaccinated IS vaccinated. The people who aren’t being vaccinated have legit, medical reasons for not doing so; not because they don’t want their kids being injected with a “dangerous” vaccine.

  It’s not too hard to understand that herd immunity works because the entire herd has the immunity. For parents willing to let their child be at risk for a deadly disease, because, well (wait, why aren’t we vaccinating them again?) personal reasons, probably means that they shouldn’t be parents at all. It’s cruel.

Okay, bringing me back to my main point: vaccines need to be required. We are already seeing these diseases coming back in areas where it’s attractive for parents to be “all natural” and refuse to vaccinate. According to the CDC’s official website, “61 people from 10 states… were reported to have measles” in 2017 alone. Herd immunity only works when everyone is doing it – and we should require our citizens to vaccinate. We require people to obtain a social security number, have a birth certificate and get a driver’s license if we wish to drive a car.

  If one wants to be an American citizen – that person and their offspring need to be vaccinated. For the safety of America and her citizens, this is one more regulation that should be enforced.