The five favorite foods of Tulip Time

The five favorite foods of Tulip Time

Louisa Hall

Tulip time is finally here! May 6-14, Holland has its annual experience of tourists, tulips, parades, carnivals, and food.

Many West Ottawa students are excited to finally get their favorite stand foods they’ve been wanting since last year. Here are the top five foods students are looking forward to this upcoming week.

  1. Elephant ears

Elephant ears seem to be the most popular and anticipated food. Sr. Lucas Sharar’s favorite food at Tulip Time is the elephant ears. “Absolutely the elephant ear. It’s a family tradition to go downtown and get them the whole week. I love sugary things,” Sharar said.

The nice thing about elephant ears is that there are different options for toppings as well.  “I like chocolate and cinnamon on my elephant ears,” said Frosh. Max Gibson; whereas Jr. Elijah Kliphuis prefers them with just cinnamon. “Elephant ears with cinnamon is the best,” he said.

  1. Lemonade

Another popular item everyone gets at Tulip Time is the fresh lemonade. “I’m looking forward to the lemonade because it only comes around once a year and I think it’s the best lemonade in town,” said Sr. Randy Renteria. Kliphuis agreed, he went on a tangent after explaining his love for elephants ears,  “Ooh, the lemonade, it has a nice tart to it that tastes nice, it’s pretty pricey though if you ask me,” he said. The price must be worth it if so many people get it; by the end of the Tulip Time days, the trash cans are full of empty lemonade cups.

  1. Fries

Most people love fries but there’s something special about the fresh cut fries from the food stands at Tulip Time. “My favorite food at Tulip Time is the fries because they are freshly cut and taste so good. They’re always hot and have just the right amount of salt,” said Soph. (and fry lover) Gabi Hall.

  1. Corn dogs

Soph. Jaelan Williams is a big fan of corn dogs, “I’m looking forward to the corn dogs because it’s crispy and delicious,” he said. Williams prefers the Tulip Time ones over other corn dogs, like the ones here at West Ottawa. His reasoning was that they’re more unhealthy, and then proceeded to laugh at himself. Jr. Tess Monahan agreed, “I really like the corn dogs because I love how crispy they are,” she said.

  1.  Deep Fried Oreos

Last but not least, Oreos are pretty good, but apparently, deep fried Oreos are even better. “I like the deep fried Oreos because they are crispy and the inside is soft. It tastes so good and it’s a really good contrast of texture,” said Frosh. Megan Johnson.