Amazing day: State Solo and Ensemble


Sarah Cremin

This year at State Solo and Ensemble, WO set records by having the most solo performances earning first division ratings and the most proficiency exams scoring in the 90’s. Soloists and ensembles earned 102 first division medals on Saturday March 18. This incredible achievement sets the bar for years to come and represents West Ottawa’s high standard of excellence.


Top Proficiency Exam Scores:

Proficiency 3: (Seniors Only)

96 – Devon Balint – Snare Drum Solo

95 – Abby Shepard – Alto Saxophone Solo

90 – Quincy Doenges – Vibraphone Solo


Proficiency 2:

95 – Drew Deur – Snare Drum Solo

95 – Ben Shumaker – Marimba Solo

92 – Aleah Hahn – Horn Solo


Proficiency 1:

95 – Avery Marzynski – Marimba Solo

95 – Andrew Smyk – Marimba Solo

95 – David Stanley – Tenor Saxophone Solo


Receiving a “First Division Rating” for an excellent performance were:

Mason Ouzts – Clarinet Solo

Austin Castillo – Alto Saxophone Solo

Rylan McCoy – Alto Saxophone Solo

Drew Deur – Marimba Solo

David LaDuke – Marimba Solo

Shane Vaara – Marimba Solo

Nick Altamira – Snare Drum Solo

Sonja Collins – Snare Drum Solo

Connor Short – Snare Drum Solo

Quincy Doenges – Timpani Solo


Flute Duet – Petra Braunius, Maggie Neuman

Clarinet Duet – Mackenzie Koning, Mason Ouzts

Saxophone Duet – David Stanley, Rylan McCoy


Trombone Trio – Brianna Lee, David Gonzalez, Kevin Le


Saxophone Quartet – Abby Shepard, Sean Nguyen, David Stanley, Rylan McCoy

Trombone Quartet –Huntar Genigeski, Matthew Moraw, Nate Moored, Kevin Le


Brass Quintet – Aleah Hahn, Sarah Cremin, Alexis VanAelst, Huntar Genigeski, Colbey Fisher


Clarinet Octet – Mackenzie Koning, Mason Ouzts, Jessica Bracamonte, Jessica Bernal, Libby Duistermars, Mathew Eshelman, Kaitlyn Bishop, Tyler Bush


Brass Octet – Sarah Cremin, Gage Deyarmond, Liam Boone, Aleah Hahn, Ethan Metcalf, Huntar Genigeski, Matthew Moraw, Nate Moored


Woodwind Choir – Petra Braunius, Sam Avendano, Maggie Neuman, Sydney Archer, Mackenzie Koning, Mason Ouzts, Jessica Bracamonte, Jessica Bernal, Libby Duistermars, Tyler Bush, Kaitlyn Bishop, Mathew Eshelman, Sean Nguyen, Abby Shepard, Rylan McCoy, Ryan Bowker, David Stanley, Julian Jimenez, Isabella Violante


Percussion Septet – Sonja Collins, Mitchell Peters, Braden Book, Connor Short, John Jachalke, Brayden Sandstedt, Miles Kent


Percussion Octet – Avery Marzynski, Joel Scheneman, Ethan Stam, Rodrigo Riquelme, Shane Vaara, Remy Reed, Garret Truttman, Andrew Smyk


Percussion Chamber Ensemble – Nick Altamira, Sam Duckworth, Quincy Doenges, Drew Deur, Devon Balint, Ben Shumaker, Andrew Smyk, Thomas Dummer, David LaDuke, Kyle Wiersma, Austin Maung


Receiving a “Second Division Rating” for a good performance were:

Sydney Archer – Flute Solo  

Ryan Bowker – Alto Saxophone Solo

Sonja Collins – Marimba Solo

Andrew Smyk – Snare Drum Solo