Senior exams


Lexi Manning

Seniors, have you wondered why the PRIDE score matters? Maybe you already have a job – it doesn’t matter to get all fours, right?

  If you want to get out of exams, it does matter.

  In previous years, the PRIDE score hasn’t had an effect on getting out of exams, but for the 16-17 school year, it does.

  The new requirements for senior exemptions are as follows:

  • B or better in the class for the spring semester.
  • PRIDE score of 3.5 or better in the class.
  • No unexcused absences in the class.
  • No suspensions.  

  If  senior students meet all of the criteria, they are exempt from the exam; if not, the exam is required, as usual.

  In order to have a PRIDE score of 3.5 or better, seniors must have all fours or one three and all fours. This means no twos, no ones, and there can be no more than one three per PRIDE score in order to be exempt.

  The other requirements aren’t new; every year the requirements are changed and they normally include having a B, no unexcused absences, and no suspensions.

  Most “normal” classes won’t require an exam, but some AP classes will require seniors to take exams in preparation for AP testing. All teachers have the option to require exams to any senior, regardless if they meet the expectations for exam exemption or not.

  So, seniors, make sure to get all the threes and fours in order to be exempt, as well as getting all absences called in by mom or dad within 24 hours of the absence if you don’t want to take those final exams.