Snoop Dogg concert: five things I noticed


Chris Guerrero

Weed, haze, and long lines in the bathroom are all things I expected when I went to the Snoop Dogg concert. For the most part, this turned out to be true. But apart from many of expectations becoming true a lot of things I did not expect to happen, happened. 

  • The arena was not filled to its capacity

   One of the first things I noticed when I sat down in the far left from the stage was that the arena was not full. I saw empty spots everywhere. At first I thought people were just out getting drinks and using the restroom until Snoop came out, but that was not the case. Even as Snoop came out, the audience got smaller as people left.

  • The beer was expensive

   Two beers for twenty dollars. Outrageous. I know it is the only place people could find something to drink. But really, was the venue going to charge people twenty dollars for a couple beers? I know I do not drink at all but it was something I noticed and it was simply crazy, but yet most, if not all, of the adults had a beer in their hand.

  • Not as much crackdown on weed

   Marijuana. It was a huge part of attending this concert. I saw smoke everywhere; the smell of skunk filled the space, and people had joints in their hands. I, for one did not smoke. But one thing I did not see: security. I was honestly waiting for cops to be outside of the arena doors looking for marijuana, but fortunately for those carrying, there was not.

  • There was not as much food

   A huge part of any concert is food. At the venue, the stands sold chips, nachos, popcorn, and hot dogs. I know a pothead with the munchies will pretty much eat anything, but a sober teen like me was really looking forward to some pizza and a cheaper drink than the $5 non-refillable soda I was served.

  • Snoop Dogg’s entrance

   Three hours. I sat/stood in the same spot for close to THREE HOURS. Although the openers, Warren G and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were great, I came to see Snoop, not the openers. I grew tired as time went on. This is the point in the concert when I understood why people were leaving early.

   Although there were many faults in my night, the music was great! Warren G and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony opened up, and like Snoop Dogg, they were excellent .  I’m not a big fan of Snoop but he is sure able to hype a crowd and his performance was great. The music was lively and my favorite song he performed was Young, Wild and Free. It was also cool to see young and old people actually coming together and enjoy something together even if it was just music.

The concert was a great time but there were many faults in this night.